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TiLite zra and eMotions - ?help

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    TiLite zra and eMotions - ?help

    Question about trying to choose the appropriate wheels/frame set-up such that a Tilite ZRA can readily switch between a "normal" set of wheels and the power assist eMotions.

    Forgive me if my wheelchair lingo is a bit limited/inaccurate...

    Awhile back, we ordered my dad's Tilite through our provider, choosing just the basic 25" spinergy wire wheels (the ones that come with the chair at no extra cost) and the treaded 25" solid herringbone tires (SHOX). We went with these tires because my dad is pretty nervous about going with the pneumatic tires and having to deal with flats, and these solid tires were touted by Tilite as "equivalent" to KiKs. And we also ordered the eMotion wheels, with the pneumatic airless inserts.

    We picked up my dad's chair yesturday... yippee!... but after checking that the power assist wheels worked ok on the frame, we put the spinergys on the frame --- and noticed that the brakes were no longer flush with the wheel. And that was because Tilite had ?accidently sent 24" spinergy wheels instead of 25" wheels. Ok. Just a mix-up. Our provider will call Tilite and get the 25" wheels, and all will be ok.

    But our provider has left us these cryptic messages stating that TiLite says NEITHER a 24" or a 25" wheel with SHOX tires will fit in our chair.... that we need to use a pneumatic tire to get the closest fit (?25" I think), which my dad is not happy about (worried about the flats, you see...).

    Does this sound right? Has anyone used a Tilite with both Spinergys (solid tires) vs. eMotions (flat free inserts)? What size wheels/type of tires did you use?

    Looking on the web, the eMotion Low Profile Pneumatic tires are 24 x 1 in size (?what does this mean exactly? what is the x1?) and the Flat Free Inserts/Treaded Tires are 24 x 1 3/8. I believe we have the later tires.

    Any thoughts?

    Many thanks.

    Use the 24x1 Spinergy wire wheels with Shox tires and install a pair of 24x1 Shox or Kik Mako solid tires on the e-motion rims...



      thanks SCI_OTR. I was hoping you were listening...

      Did you put the Shox/Kiks on the eMotions yourself, or did the eMotions distributor offer that to you?

      So we hadn't even thought about changing the tires on the eMotions. Although we had hoped for 25" wheels. My dad is a pretty big guy. But I guess that's the loss we have to take if we want eMotions.

      My dad is a little worried about the tread (he's a worrier in general). The tires on the eMotions right now have a pretty thick tread. Usually, this can slow you down.... but he is worried about slipping on ramps when using the eMotions if they have a slicker tread (like his current Shox/Kik). Has this ever been a problem, in your experience?