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Quickie S-626 Powerchair Anti-tippers stuck

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  • Quickie S-626 Powerchair Anti-tippers stuck

    My backup powerchair is a Quickie S-626. It has 6 wheels and the rear ones refuse to release and allow me to cross the threshold and leave my cabin.
    This chair has two small contacts that are supposed to release the cables to the rear wheels when the seat is lowered completely down. However I have had this repaired many times and shortly afterward it malfunctions.
    I have bungeed the rear wheels up temporarily but am concerned about the chair tipping over as I usually drive with the chair tilted some.

    These rear wheel/anti-tippers suck. They require the driver to operate the chair with no tilt and even then they drag and will high center you on uneven terrain.

    I failed the test to use access transportation because the chair refused to let me climb a ramp. First chair they ever saw that would not climb a ramp.
    When my father died it would not climb the ramp at the funeral home and my 70 year old uncles had to push the chair up the ramp. Terrible.

    The chair will definitely tip over if the rear wheels are bungeed up and I tilt all the way back. Fortunately I was leaned against the couch when this happened because I figured it would.

    The wheelchair mechanic contracted by the V.A. refused to remove rear wheels because of liability and I don't blame him.

    Anyone else have this chair with this problem? What did you do?
    Thank you.
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    I have a 626 and when I got it one of the first things I did was take the anti-tip wheels off and replaced them with roller blade wheels which are a smaller diameter and don't touch the ground. They are cheap and you can get them at all the big box stores. Without the stock wheels dragging you can go just about over all terrain within reason.