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Bath Helper (shower chair to overcome a bath tub)?

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  • Bath Helper (shower chair to overcome a bath tub)?

    I have very hard to to find an apartment with a shower unit. (without a bath tub) So, I am thinking about buying a sliding shower wheelchair to overcome a bathtub situation.

    I found this web site.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?
    Any feedback or other recommendation will be appreciated.
    BTW, I am a c-5/6 comp.
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    I assume you mean this one:, not the one designed for stall showers (their original product) It is from Australia and has only recently been marketed in the USA. Hopefully some of our members from Oz can share what they know about it.

    If you are using a tub, there are a couple other options. None of them are cheap though:

    This one is cheaper, but I have heard some complaints about it being flimsy:

    Cheaper, but not really portable for travel:

    Also check out these discussions:


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      Thank you Nurse.
      It seems the Bath helper is $2400, nuprodx is $3300, and the goesanywhere is $1650. Nuprodx is very pricey but looks portable. Bath Helper is less pricey, but not portable. Yes, goesanywhere seems a little flimsy & slippery.

      Hard to make the decision.....


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        Hi, I just noticed this thread in here and, even though it's not a new post, I wanted to address the comments regarding the Go-Anywhere Chair being "flimsy" or "slippery". So that you know, I am the inventor of the Go-Anywhere chair line and I am the CEO of GO! Mobility Soutions.

        I am a c5-6 quad and I have been using my Go-Anywhere Chair every single day for the past 2 years without any problem or evidence of wear or tear, cushions included! We have alot of very happy customers, and we have NEVER received a complaint about our products being flimsy or slippery [whatever that means]. If anyone is aware of any such complaints I would appreciate your directing me to them so I might address and resolve them, personally. In fact, our chairs our constructed of lightweight, structural aircraft-grade aluminum which is either welded or connected using hardened stainless steel hardware. The rear legs are cambered outwardly which adds to the chair's stability even more.

        If you are purchase any of our chairs and you are unhappy with it for ANY reason, you may return it within 7 days following delivery and receive a 100% refund with no restocking fee. I think we've had chairs returned on only two occasions, neither having to do with any product defects. One instance was because the buyer had not seen the 250 pound weight limit and he weighed 350 pounds and the other instance was a woman who's bathroom design would not work with the tub-slider.

        Please feel free to contact me personally if you have ANY questions or concerns.

        Rick Goldstein
        GO! Mobility Solutions