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RTI 300 owners : help

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    RTI 300 owners : help


    This is going to sound lame I know, but if you have
    any ideas I would really appreciate it.

    I am at the moment in rehab in hospital and they have
    an RTI 300 machine I would love to use.

    When they hook me up to it, they select all the default
    settings, and I am not connected to the database and
    there is no internet connection. Go is selected and
    the warm up starts. The crank starts to turn for
    maybe 30 seconds when an error message comes
    up on the screen. "No crank rotation detected cycle power"

    They cycle the power but I get the same message, went
    through this routine 4/5 times until the PT's give up and
    declare the machine too much trouble.

    If anyone has had this error and knows how to rectify it
    I would really appreciate it as I would love to try this

    thanks for any ideas

    Have you or the PT's contacted the RTI website? From what I have read there, they seem to have a good customer service division.


      Wow, they sound like dedicated PT's . I thought those had to be connected to the internet to work? Maybe I'm wrong, I dont know a real lot about the RTI.
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        i have one they need to call rti and theyll fix it sometimes mine does that and i just unplug it for a few minutes and everything is ok mine is hooked up to the net
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          I have never used one that wasn;t connected to the internet, but I had some problems a while back, and my pt was on vacn, I emailed the rti people, and the got back to me very quickly, and told me how to correct the issue. The email addy I used was (From their web site).
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            The bike definitely has a bad feedback sensor that RTI will need to fix. FYI, the bike does not need to be connected to the internet to work.