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    Ostomy Oblivion

    I just started a google for "ostomy medical redefinition california forum" and, upon failing to see at a glance what I was looking for, stopped and thought how we have a forum that should easily include this. It seems that our estimable state Medical board has redefined what it will cover in regard to ostomy appliances. For me this means that the product that has been helping me cope with this (potentially messy) part of my life quite admirably is no longer covered - no longer available to me. To add insult to injury, Shield Medical...etc., the vendor I've had and been very pleased with for over two decades now - pulled a fast one on me regarding this change. When I called them last month - after having received a notice from them regarding the new coverage rules - I was still under the wire to get that month's supply of the old reliable pouches. The rep. I spoke with said the pouches were back-ordered and she didn't know when they'ed be getting them in. I told her I would wait on them and to ship the rest of my medical supplies. I got my supplies and twenty unfamiliar ostomy pouches from a company I'm unfamiliar with. The pouches are tricky to apply and not half as reliable as the NuHope pouches.

    Two days ago I called Shield and spoke with another of their rotating reps. and was told she could find no indication that a backorder had been placed for the NuHope pouches. She offered to put on a supervisor and I was put on hold for one until I gave up and hung up.

    Here's the thing: these new pouches are, relative to the ones I've used for years, crap. It is true that I've been able to get a few of them of keep a seal for a few days (the NuHopes could hold for the better part of a week if you wanted to push them that far) but most of the 10+ I've applied lost their seals in less than half a day.

    I do have the phone #s of two ostomy pouch makers who's products fall under the new Medical guidelines and, supposedly, they will send me samples of their lines if I request them - so there is some hope, just not NuHope.

    I am very Fxxking pissed off about this; "we" have billions to spend on stealing a little oil from under the sands of Iraq and producing maimings and death on the sands of that unfortunate country but at home we've got to take from one of the most disadvantaged groups which I and many other medical reliant SCIed and others happen to be a part of.
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