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Cyberdyne Building Factory To Construct Consumer Power Exoskeletons

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  • Cyberdyne Building Factory To Construct Consumer Power Exoskeletons

    Cyberdyne Building Factory To Construct Consumer Power Exoskeletons
    Writing by Evan Ackerman on Thursday, 17 of April , 2008 at 5:07 am

    This is Cyberdyne’s HAL (hybrid assistive limb) exoskeleton, a powered robotic suit designed to significantly increase the strength of the wearer. Using sensors attached to the skin, HAL senses which muscles you intend to move, and powers its joints at the same rate as you move yours, allowing you to walk around effortlessly while wearing the fifty pound suit. If you pick something up, the suit is able to compensate for a portion of the weight, effectively increasing your strength from 2 to 10 (!) times. The suit can be used indoors or outdoors and will provide power for between about three to five hours before it needs a recharge.

    Prototypes of the HAL exoskeleton have been around for a few years, and Cyberdyne just begun to construct a new facility that should be able to produce 400 - 500 suits per year by the end of 2008, ramping up to tens of thousands of suits (!!) over the next few years. The best news is that the suits will be available for individual users overseas to rent (that’s us), for an estimated $1,000 per month which includes $300 for maintenance and upgrades. Is that a sweet deal or what? Sign me up, I’ll take one for Christmas.

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    I have a bad feeling that Cyberdyne is only a few short steps away from creating souless cyborg killing machines that will rise up against us all.


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      Robotics is a rapidly evolving field. I posted this thread about something similar, but just from the waist down. As I understand it, these devices require muscle control to activate robotic motion. It will be even more interesting when they can be controlled by thought alone.


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        Could I please have a pair of robotic devises for my hands. If only I could use my hands It would change my world.
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