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    Wheel bearings

    I own a Top End Terminator manual wheelchair and the front bearings are completely shot...! I've done a search on here as well as the web to find out how to replace them myself but haven't found anything yet...

    So my question is: How do I do it or is it just easier to get a pro to do it for me?!

    Where's the best place to buy new bearings from in the UK, what sizes do I need?

    This all came about over the weekend because I took my chair apart completely down to the nuts and bolts to clean it and when putting my chair back together found when tightening the stem bolt couldn't tighten it enough so the castor would turn freely.

    I found a product called Wonder Wheels (for cleaning alloy wheels on a car) which is really good for cleaning the hubs on the rear wheels, smells a bit but get used to that and easily washes off!!

    I have also buggered up the toe-in/toe-out (as I also took the axel apart) so am using the shiny floor at work to run up and down to get it right! I read on here a way to measure between the rear wheels and ‘true it up’ so will give that a try when I get home later!

    Any information would be greatly appreciated on the wheel bearing question(s)!

    Cheers Guys, keep up the good work!

    If it is your caster bearings most of them are the same size as skateboard bearings 306 (22 diameter x 7 wide x 8 bore). You can get them anywhere and no need for anything fancy or expensive. An ABEC 1 or 3 (quality rating) will do. You can use a screw driver in the bore and pop them right out and push the new ones in. It easy.
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      When pushing them in make sure the pushing is happening on the outer race or you might hurt the bearing. That's if you encounter resistance when trying to insert the bearing and have to tap it in. Often, a socket (from a socket/ratchet set) will work.


        Do I hammer out the old ones (using a hammer and screwdriver?) and put in the new ones using the stem bolt of the caster?
        Don't suppose there's a DIY of this or someone can explain exactly how it's done just in case I balls it up?!!

        Thank you for the info on the sizes, I'll have a look around and see what I can find!

        Don't think I'll try it right away as I'm quite drunk right now!!!

        Thank you again and again!!



          If you do a search for the member "Jadis" and the term bearings, she's gone into depth on bearing info...including how to install them, where to get teh best price on them online, etc, etc...You might be able to look at her old posts by looking for her in the member directory but I know posts only go back so far that way...that's why I suggested doing the search terms. As for cleaning bearings, I use the stuff you can get in the sporting goods shop for skate GREAT it's a cleaner/lube in one...AWESOME stuff... gets your hands really greasy tho...LOL...

          You actually may be over tightening your caster bolt, that could be why it's not turning freely...Try loosening it up a little bit and see if you get a little more play in your could have crushed your bearings by overtightening the bolt...
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