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Hand Control Installation cost

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    Hand Control Installation cost

    I got quoted close to $3k for the installation of hand controls, pedal guard, and spinner knob.

    Has anyone done it on their own or found a more cost effective method?

    Not talking about temp hand controls. I have the QuicStick, but like the feel of a push rock. And need the pedal guard because of spasms.

    27 years T12, I only paid for my first set in 95. Subsequently I've installed used controls I got on the net, etc.
    Then, in 06, when I bought my first new car, an 06 GTI, I made my own. I've seen driving on that set ever since.
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    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
    NW NJ


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      IMO, among all available hand controls, those hand controls you designed and built still remain the dogs bollocks Phil. Beer2
      If you lived near I would be approaching you about a set for my Mazda6 wagon.

    i'm amazed you can find anyone that will do it. seems they only want to put them on new cars, paid for by the manufacturer. i make my own too. was quoted 5k once. i built them and put them on for $50


      Similar situation! Recently thinking about switching car and called a local car mobility supplier and was told they cannot simply swap out my push right angle hand control from my current car to another car because manufacturer recommends changing hand control every 5-6 years (and liability concern i think). They quoted me 1700 upward to $5000 for a new unit.

      My current hand control is working perfectly fine.. and I bought that unit used from the beginning..

      Any suggestion on how to find a shop that would simply swap out the hand control to another car? location is Columbus OH


        Don’t get me started on mobility dealers! Whenever I go, they always want to push me getting a new car and/or spending a crazy amount for a repair. Actually they don’t like repairs they want replacement.

        Yesterday, I brought my 2004 sienna Toyota IMS Rampvan in because the sliding door doesn’t close completely. Yes, the car is almost 20 years old, but it’s very well-maintained and low mileage, looks good and works great.

        I had an 11 o’clock appointment, but had to sit in the waiting room until 3 o’clock. I saw they weren’t working on my car. It was just sitting there. After four hours, the technician had his talk with me that the striker plates weren’t lining up with the door so it would require me to drop off the car for a diagnostic that would cost $500 but to be prepared that my car would be considered dead afterwards, because they wouldn’t be able to get the parts to fix the door, basically making the car useless. So I went in for a diagnostic that was a diagnostic to see if I should get the $500 diagnostic which was going to most likely result in my car being useless?

        Of course, being useless, it’s not going to be worth anything for a trade-in which the salesman had now come to talk to me to show me the new $90,000 vans. But if that wasn’t my option, 2018 models for $70,000. And if I chose to get a used car, I would have to get a new hand control system and new chair ti-down.
        The same thing happened to me about five years ago when the Mobility dealer wanted to charge me $3500 because my door wasn’t working and suggested that it was time for me to get a new car instead of fixing it.. my mechanic fixed it for 60 bucks and it’s been working fine ever since