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    Originally posted by IMHopeful
    Dr. Davies, I am so sorry to hear of your father's passing.

    I echo Christopher's post, put my donations in the Davies Lab Trip Pot!
    When Steven is able to head to D.C., I'll donate again.

    I would be happy to donate a small amount of $200 for the Davies Lab Trip!! Please help spread our words out loudly....


      sorry for your loss Dr.
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        Everyone should know that I will also contribute to the trip by paying some of the travel expenses.

        I have not spoken to WCRABTEX yet, but I am confident he will also be covering some of the expense as well.



          Originally posted by poonsuzanne
          I would be happy to donate a small amount of $200 for the Davies Lab Trip!! Please help spread our words out loudly....

          You look so beautiful, so nice too see you here. I think about you all the time. I hope your son is doing well.
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            Cherry, it's fine with me. Good idea girl.


              I moved some off topic posts here.

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                Schmeky - looking forward very much to hearing about the visit to Dr Davies new lab at the University of Colorado.



                  Thanks for keeping this thread on topic.


                    Schmeky, thanks for looking into Davies' work for us!!

                    Cherry, thanks for helping out with sourcing the funding...

                    Spidergirl, if you like my picture, I should say thanks to the photographer. My son, Richard, is doing well at school and with wheelchair basketball. I hope to see you again some day somewhere and share our ups and downs in our quest for a cure.


                      Dr. Davies,
                      Sorry to hear about your loss.

                      Schmeky and Bill,
                      Good luck and thank you. I look forward to hearing about your trip


                        Saddened to read of Dr. Davies' father passing away. ~Teresa
                        "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.


                          sad but a check

                          I'm sorry to hear of Dr. Davies father's passing.

                          That said, I'd be happy to write a check (actually would rather paypal on a credit card) for $250 to help offset the expenses for this research reporting trip. It isn't a lot of money, but it's something. Can someone tell me where/how to make a donation?

                          Would love to see a time in the near future where chronics could regain at least a few levels while we wait/pray/expect a full cure. Our friends who suffered an SCI are waiting --- a C2 vent dependent complete who is more than 20 years post, a C5 incomplete who is 4 years post but has very little arm movement and functions as a C4 and as a result needs 24/7 care and a T6 complete who is 6 years post and deals with significant depression just can't wait 10/20/30 years for a real cure.

                          Many thanks.


                            My condolences Dr Davies and thank you for inviting CC into your work arena. Look forward to the report Schmeky and Wcr.
                            Where oh where has my pixie gone now?????

                            An effective therapy for spinal cord injury is close, and don't let anybody beat you down for totally embracing that


                              Heard from WCR today via e-mail. He will be making the trip with me to Davies lab.

                              I will contact Stephen via phone and post the visit date(s).

                              Cherry, after I contact WCR, I'll forward an itemized list of actual costs for the trip.

                              Many thanks to everyone and kudos to Cherry for her suggestion.

                              I will do my best to deliver an unbiased accurate report.



                                Please post an address where I can send a check.