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Top Motocross Icons come together to fund research

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    Top Motocross Icons come together to fund research

    This is an event I have been working on for the past few months with David Bailey and Ernesto Fonseca. We are bringing together some financially able donors involved in and around the sport of professional motocross/supercross to support the development of a chronic injury treatment that Hans Keirstead at the Reeve-Irvine Research Center is working on.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed that I can get them to open up those wallets.

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    Originally posted by rjames
    Lets keep our fingers crossed that I can get them to open up those wallets.
    Loooks like Oakley is on board? Good luck with this event!



      Good luck on this and keep us posted.

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        Fantastic fundraising initiative - congratulations on making it happen. Looking forward to reading stories of the countless wallets that did open wide for Keirstead's research!


          Thanks you for putting this together. Will any riders be there, or will it just be companies?
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            I haven't talked with Bailey in years; his injury, and Magoo Chandler's, was a huge black stain on the industry. Great to see how well he's 'adjusted'; he wasn't bad on a bike, either, though it's too bad he rode for Team Evil.

            Fonseca's injury really sucks; we had a lot of hope that he'd fully recover, similar to Jimmy Button's.

            Great to see these guys stepping forward and funding K's work. They're using their platform the right way; I'm proud of 'em.

            Geez, this is about the only subject that gets me depressed: world's greatest athletes injured and out.

            Damn this injury...

            My book, 'Scouring the globe for a cure: a disabled man's experiences with stem cell treatment' is available at Booklocker at the following address:


            A percentage of every sale goes to CareCure.


              Sounds like it'll be a great money spinner. All the best with it


                Good luck, I hope you're able to make it happen.

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                  My girls race dirtbikes-fairly tame though. They just race with girls and they can't have more than an 85cc class bike. This is such a great idea. They have seen your video RJames and were really excited. They want mom to learn-too old to though. Is there an address/promo info. that I could give to our race association to promote some fundraising in northern Minnesota? You can PM me w/ any ideas. Thanks and good luck with this.