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  • I think it would be reasonable to think that these findings could also be beneficial to acute and chronic sci.
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    • This is an interesting use of embryonic stem cells to treat Parkinson's. It is in rats but nonetheless it shows ESC being used in the central nervous system:
      To simulate Parkinson's, Lund University researchers killed dopamine-producing neurons on one side of the rats' brains.
      They then converted human embryonic stem cells into neurons that produced dopamine.

      These were injected into the rats' brains, and the researchers found evidence that the damage was reversed.


      • New stem cell can grow into any body part
        By PTI | 11 Dec, 2014, 07.18PM IST

        MELBOURNE: In a breakthrough, scientists have discovered a new stem cell that can be programmed to become any part of the body.

        The stem cell is a type of pluripotent cell, one of the most useful for researchers and clinicians, scientists said.

        These cells can be programmed to become any cell type in the body, from brain to heart, and can be used to grow new organs and tissue for transplant, reported

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