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"Alternative Cure": Can This Technology Be The Answer To A Spinal Cord Injury???

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    "Alternative Cure": Can This Technology Be The Answer To A Spinal Cord Injury???

    Howdy folks,

    Not sure where to start so I'll jump right into it.

    For a while now I've been interested in and studying as much as I can the principle of the law of attraction and the potentials of the subconscious mind and everything along those lines. Now my journey on the subject matter has led me to read A LOT of books, visit websites, discuss with people, etc. It was in the course of this journey that I came across what I'm about to share with you, and even though it goes way beyond or might not even necessarily be connected to a SCI, our main concern here is solving the SCI scourge.

    When it comes to SCI, my conclusion is that at this point in time, medical science has no (definite) answer to SCI, and in this regard I've always said that I would rather look at "alternative sources" of a possible cure, most especially at religion/spirituality in the form of a miracle (yes I believe in them and that they do/can happen.)

    However, in my many readings, I've come across another source of a potential answer to SCI: energy healing. I didn't study physics and chemistry in school and so have very little knowledge of the topic, but I have come to realize and accept that absolutely everything in nature is composed of energy and vibration, and when something is not the way it should be (your spinal cord for instance,) it's most likely because it's not 'vibrating' at the same frequency as it is normally meant to (as a result of the injury.) Well if that's the case isn't it possible to use some sort of 'energy' force to create that balance again? It may not be as simplistic as I put it, but hopefully that should shed some elementary light on the matter if need be.

    I came across a website and company that have some very interesting and amazing things to say along the lines of energy and the law of attraction and the subconscious mind and all such matters. Of particular interest to the SCI community is that they make mention of stem cells. While they didn't in any way mention or refer to SCI this company says that it has technology that could make your body create it's own stem cells, but so much more effective and faster (say 100 thousand times faster) than the body is capable of doing on it's own.

    I probably don't know how to explain properly their technology, so perhaps it's best you read the same things I've read, but remember, chances are that you won't have the 'advantage' I've had because I've probably read much more on the subject matter before reading what you are about to (hopefully) read, and therefore I believe I'm more open to accept, or at least not outrightly condemn as 'rubbish,' what I read before I'm able to let the information properly sink in and observe how it resonates with me. In other words, keep an open mind.

    Their technology is called PATHS, which stands for Program Authoring The Human Subconscious and the most simplistic explanation of what it is and does, is that they developed proprietary technology they call Rapid Data Transfer that transfers millions of instructions to the subconscious mind in a very short amount of time- something like less that 5 minutes, by viewing an internet connected computer screen. Another way to describe what this program/technology is about is that it is a form of subliminal program (and I think it's documented that these can be very effective when done right.) The difference with this company's technology is that it is light years ahead and is so much more powerful. A few products of theirs seem to have the potential to help SCI'ed people, namely: a product for chronic pain (to treat neuropathic pain,) stem cell generation, and a few others.

    If this sounds like bull to you and you wonder what a 'subliminal' has to do with a spinal cord injury, remember that I started this write-up by saying that in my humble opinion -and I'm very certain a lot of people also have that conclusion- medical science presently has no answer to SCI and at such perhaps it's best we look at alternative sources of a potential cure.

    The company website is: (be sure to bookmark it for easy reference) but chances are that you won't be impressed or convinced by what you read there. The REAL information about what it's all about is found on this forum: where all those who use the company's products and many others converge.

    On this page: is a very looong thread (alternatvely you can download the PDF file that contains that entire discussion here: ). Read as much as you can, but if you'd rather not, read as many posts as you can by a guy named Aaron Murakami. (or just type in his name in the Search box on the website you'll see all his posts.) That guy sure knows his onions. Also, to have a better understanding of the law of attraction and what it can do for you, you MUST read this article: and generally surf through this site: Hopefully these few sites should give you a better understanding of what this is all about, which is basically about using alternative or energy healing to tackle this SCI problem.

    I'm sure there will be people who might think it absurd or not possible or any other such thoughts, that you can use the concept of energy healing and any related topic, to address a SCI -not necessarily to heal, though that's a possibility and the ultimate aim, but what if it can solve the smaller issues of bladder and bowel, and neuropathic pain, etc.

    I remember reading about a man in the UK who was working with SCI patients in getting them to use their subconscious mind and intense PT to try and walk again. I have tried, but I can't find the website anymore. I remember when I visited the site about 2 years ago, the man had been able to help a girl with SCI take a few steps after quite some 'mind' sessions and PT. There was also another case of great improvement with another SCI patient using his technique. But thats another story altogether... I'll keep trying to find the site, but if anyone knows the address, please do share with us.

    But PATHS is way more than SCI (even though they don't specifically have a product for SCI.) They have products for loosing weight, increased energy, PMS, and products that could help your sex life (and this just might be another product that could greatly benefit an SCI.) A list of their products is seen on the sites product page. It will interest you to know that there are many people who have been using their products for over a year and loving every minute of it. You'll get to hear from these people in the forum.


    Let it now be known that I've been using a few of their products for about 2 weeks now and I can almost definitely say it's had some interesting (positive) impact on me (and my SCI.) Even though the products I'm currently using now have no direct or obvious indirect relationship to my SCI, I believe it's having some effect on my physical condition (There's a specific reason why I didn't start on any product that directly relates to my SCI.) Specifically, my experience is that after using the products, I feel this sense of 'wholeness' in my legs, I don't quite know how else to describe it. I also feel A LOT of vibration in my legs.

    Now the only other time I get a comparable type of vibrating feeling is when I do my toning meditation (I told you I've been reading and doing quite a lot in the energy healing area.) I know 101% that whenever I tone, I feel an intense vibration in my legs and it usually lasts a few minutes. Make no mistake about it, this vibration has a good feeling and even at times when I'm also experiencing my neuropathic pains, this vibration feeling somewhat soothes the pain. Now since the very first time I used this company's product, this vibration was 50-100 times more than the amount when I tone, and much more importantly, it lasts for days, where as my 'toning vibration' lasts for a few minutes after I finish toning. Plus there are other feelings I get in my body/legs that I just don't know what words to use to describe them, except that they it has a good feel to it. Now this might not sound like my SCI is being addressed in any way, but are you absolutely sure about that? Time only can tell.

    Now to wrap up this epistle, I will say that my initial intention was to use these products for a month or two so that when I bring this information to your attention, I can say with a high degree of certainty and finality that I have received so and so result from using this technology. But after only two weeks of using PATHS, I decided not to wait any longer for a few reasons:

    1. I would like that while I continue to use and observe what PATHS has on my SCI and/or its symptoms over the coming weeks and months, you guys will use that time to learn as much as you can about it and in time come to an informed conclusion on the matter.
    2. If there's anyone who'd be convinced enough to give this 'alternative SCI treatment' a try, we can compare notes on what, if any it has on our condition.
    3. Similar to 2 above, if anyone here gets on PATHS, we can factor in other variables like newly injured, has had surgery, exercises regularly, etc and see if it makes a difference.
    4. Personal motivation for me to keep coming back here to share my experiences and the effects PATHS is having on my physical condition, and perhaps at the same time help me keep track of any progress I make.

    Well folks... and that is the end of Solomon Grundy. LOL. Let the questions and comments roll in. I have done what I set out to do. If I think of anything else to add, I'll be sure to do so.

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