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Read this book: The Promise and Politics of Stem Cell Research!!!

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  • Read this book: The Promise and Politics of Stem Cell Research!!!

    A must read for everyone interested in cures from ESCR!!!

    Just finished reading it, and was pleased to find plenty talking points for Op/Eds we can all write to our local newspapers!!!

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    “There is a growing and grassroots demand for action at the federal level on stem cell research. This is a core lesson of the 2006 mid-term election: People want this research to go forward and politicians will be rewarded for taking a clear and unambiguous stand on the issue. This reflects the fact that stem cell research is not a 'right' or 'left' issue--it is something that mainstream America wants to see happen.”–PR Newswire

    "Stem Cell Research: Promise and Politics makes it clear that the promise of stem cell treatment lies not in the halls of politics, but in the hearts of people. No government can stand in the way of hope." - Patti Davis is the author of The Long Goodbye, a book about her father's struggle with Alzheimer's disease and the care that her mother, Nancy Reagan, provided during the various stages of this horrific disease.

    "From its inception the debate about support for stem cell research has been a mixture of science and politics. Solo and Pressberg make an eloquent case that the discussion should not be left either to scientists or politicians alone but rather should include a vocal and informed public-after all, the public has the largest stake in the outcome of this debate. They have defined a new role for public opinion--active, intelligent, and outspoken--and significantly raise the bar and define the potential role for public advocacy in future debates about other complex issues." - Robert Goldstein, MD, PhD, MBA, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International