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    My name is Teresa Chavez-Crone and I am a paraplegic with a level T6 injury. This February will be my 11th year being in a wheelchair and like many who are disabled it can become very trying at times both emotionally and physically. I was injured two days after Valentine’s Day and what happened to me on that night was extremely traumatic and still has a tendency to haunt me to this day.

    I was on foot and chased off of a cliff by a drunk driver, someone I happened to know. I fell 40 feet and the only thing to stop me from falling any further was a tree stump. That is not however what injured my spinal cord. What injured my spinal cord was being dragged up the hill and thrown into the back of the drivers car by him and another guy. I had multiple internal injuries and was very likely going to die. Due to an amazing surgeon who pretty much worked a miracle on me as did many other doctors and nurses I survived. I had just turned 19 and I was in the hospital for six months trying to piece my life and body back together.

    This January I turned 30 and many people have asked me, "how does it feel to be 30?" To be honest with all of you reading this if someone had told me at 18 that when I turned 30 I would be stuck in a wheelchair I would have thought then why live? But after I looked back at the last 11 years and how I let both of those guys control so much of life I realized that they really never had any control of my life because I have always had something that they could never take away. Hope. I feel that for many people living with disabilities hope is the difference between life and death and luckily for many of us we live in a time were there is much hope for a cure due to the many wonderful people who fight for a cure and support stem cell research. The year before I was injured Christopher Reeves was injured and he immediately became a strong advocate for both care and a cure. Because of him the following year when I was injured I had hope and for me that was the difference between life and death. This is the reason I have designed a bracelet and 50% of the proceeds will go to the Christopher Reeve Foundation. It has a heart charm in acknowledgment of Valentine’s Day. I felt the need to take that time of year were I feel sadness and pain and instead feel progress, hope and ultimately the joy in knowing that all of us who are wheelchair bound will be a step closer to our first steps. Please help me in supporting the Christopher Reeve foundation by purchasing a bracelet and spreading the word. To view a picture of the bracelet, click the link below.

    The bracelet is sterling silver and 7 1/2 inches in length with a toggle clasp and a pink heart charm that is a 1/2” in length. Each bracelet is only $15.00 and will come gift boxed. Shipping and handling is free. If you are interested in purchasing a bracelet for a gift or for yourself please feel free to contact me at [email]

    After I left the hospital I attended art school, studied photography and fashion design and now I am a jewelry designer. In some ways I feel I am the person I never thought I could be because at 30 I finally know that I am worth a better future as is everyone living with a disability. We owe it to ourselves and to each other to help make tomorrow better than today. So have a heart, and buy a heart.

    Teresa Chavez-Crone
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    My gawd that's quite an ordeal. I'm horrified for you ... but I'm impressed when people make the best out of a bad situation which it certainly sounds like you have!

    And I love jewellry ~ expect an email
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      How awful!!!! Teresa I am so glad you have that hope.
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        Thanks to all...

        Just wanted to thank the people who have responded to my post and thanks for just giving a minute of you time to read it. If anyone is interested, orders can be placed through PayPal. Just e-mail.

        Thank You


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          Bumpity bump
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