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Patient-Specific Stem Cells Likely in Six Months

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    Patient-Specific Stem Cells Likely in Six Months

    An illustrious South Korean scientist projects his team will be able to extract patient-specific stem cells as soon as research with human embryos is allowed in the country.

    The scientist is not Hwang Woo-suk, who falsely claimed to have created patient-specific stem cells last year, but Prof. Park Se-pill at Cheju National University.

    ``Technologically speaking, we will be capable of deriving stem cell lines from cloned human embryos in about half a year,’’ said Park, who harvested stem cells from human embryos in 2000 for the third time in history.

    ``We have the goal of launching studies on cloned embryonic stem cells and our new lab will have a team for that purpose,’’ said Park, who will open a stem cell research center in Seoul this week.

    Interesting stuff - Thanks