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A Moscow's Hoax? - be carefull - My own reflections!

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    A Moscow's Hoax? - be carefull - My own reflections!

    A Moscow Hoax

    Dear Carecure Users,

    The post which you have just begun to read has not been written on the spur of the moment or as a result of surge of negative emotions. The criticism contained in it has been carefully scrutinized by me and a few other persons, including doctors (neurologists, immunologists and others). The letter itself took me two months to write, as I wanted to compare and analyze all the facts with utmost thoroughness. To understand this letter you are kindly requested to read it whole, giving it some thought, preferably even a few times. If you want to ask a question, presumably the reply to it has already been provided in the text below. If it is not the case, then feel free to ask, however, if the answer is already here I hope that you will excuse my not writing back. Should you skip any part of my statement, you will definitely not comprehend everything. Please forgive me that at times it may seem boring and longish but do understand that I am unable do make it any more concise. It is just non-feasible.

    My aim is to dispel a number of illusions related to professor Bruchowiecki's pseudo clinic in Moscow, as well as to present a kind of vade mecum for all the naive, blindly believing in the miracle of stem cells-based therapy. It is a balanced assessment of the situation in the clinic, supported by numerous examples which happened there and are still happening. After bad experience involved with the “pilgrimages" for the stem cells at prof. Rabinowicz’s clinic, I have taken a cold realistic stand on all the revelations and novelties, which fact clearly transpires from my posts. To add more credibility to my accounts, I often support them with pictures. From the very beginning I have kept a record of my progress through taking photos and making films. Unfortunately, pictures always fail o present the real thing.

    In the sentences that will follow it is not my intention to advise anybody against going to Moscow or any other similar place. My only intention is to expose that something is wrong with them. I hope that my post will trigger a small earthquake both in the world of scientists and doctors, among con men and common people, as well as among all those who wish to make a fortune out of misery of others. Before I come to the crux of the matter, let me express a few words of criticism addressed towards other fault-finders. I get hot under the collar when somebody criticizes any “healing" voyages or attempts to restore their own health. It is not my wish to analyze whether it is a sign of envy or lack of funds. Everybody has a right to criticism but this criticism should be supported by evidence, not by feeble hypothesis based on your own reflections. I am determined to voice my criticism of the place where I was and that, supposedly, I know more about than any of you.

    I feel sorry for all the people who cannot afford to undergo treatment but obviously want to pursue this most yearned for dream more than anything else. At present, I am among those who want to achieve this goal and who are lucky enough to have the money. I would even go to the most distant corner of the world to undergo an effective treatment and this is exactly what con men all over the world prey on. For horrendous sums of money they offer what they call a miracle drug. Although common sense tells you that it is not worthy, there are still many people who decide to set off on this journey and they must not be stopped. This is their own health and personally I also share this attitude.

    Many a time I have kept saying that Moscow treatment is not a cheap method. As my funds permitted, I decided to give it a try. I am certain that despite my criticism, there are still many people who, having read my reflections, would like to go there and be subjected to treatment. I made every effort to present through my words and photos the actual state of my progress. It really hurts that this progress does not move with large steps, but I am convinced that it is better not to pull the wool over people's eyes, giving them hope. The underlying logic and realism that now speaks through my personality have replaced a former euphoria and strong optimism. Euphoria has vanished into thin air and what remained is a cold assessment of the situation, devoid, to a large extent, of any emotions. Many of you, watching my progress may think that there is something exceptional, yet some of you will say that it is just a drop in the ocean. I belong to the second category, remaining at the same time an optimist with a child-like hope for a better tomorrow.

    It transpires from my experience that an attitude towards innovative methods of treatment assumed by a significant number of people is as if they saw the world through rose-coloured spectacles.
    Many times even the slightest progress seems to be something extraordinary. Unfortunately, an onlooker sees that it is at odds with reality. Some people simply lack the skill of cool and critical assessment of the situation in which, in fact, hardly anything changes. Even if it does, this change is so flimsy. I cannot say that nothing has changed in my life, but it is only a tiny speck in the universe. In my opinion, these people lack courage to openly admit that so little has changed or that nothing has changed at all. Concocted images of ourselves and of miraculous effects quite often depart from the truth. Why is that? We are afraid to face up to the truth. We suppress it, choking with conjured up images of reality

    From this moment on, I would like to commence a more strident criticism of the clinic owned by professor B from Moscow and of other similar places. My letter may stir up a scandal or may go unnoticed. I know that a lot of interesting [usunęłabym to słowo, a wstawiłabym “prominent”] people read this forum and I hope that e.g. BBC, CNN or other TV stations will make use of it. If not, I hope that it will at least bring some benefit to you, it will be a lesson for all and a warning for those who are overly excitable about novelties.

    In fact I do not know where to begin as all my thoughts are in my head, formulated in a logical and sensible whole. Everything is based on LOGIC and real situations. I suggest reading the post a few times in order to understand my reasoning.
    It might appear strange or even ludicrous that I have resolved to describe things which might seem trivial and not necessarily connected with treatment, situations which for many of you might appear insignificant and not worthy any attention. As by nature I am an aesthete and the person who is really meticulous, in the positive sense of this word, as I pay assiduous attention to details and situations which might escape unnoticed for many people, not to mention people’s inability to connect some bits into the whole. I resolved to base my reflections on conclusions drawn after each trip, followed by more generalized conclusions. A number of situations described below have never been presented on this forum for a number of reasons. First of all it was lack of time and poor knowledge of English but it was also due to the fact that these reflections accumulated in my mind , bottled up until they were ready to explode.

    Get down to work!

    Before I set up my mind to go to Moscow, I conducted a kind of research or survey with a few persons who had visited that clinic. Those people were satisfied with the visit to the clinic and a general therapy. The above word “satisfied” may equal “progress”. I also watched a film with professor B, given to me by an acquaintance of mine. I saw progress of patients, progress which at first sight was in no way remarkable or bewildering. I realized right away that those people had not been shown before the therapy, thus what you saw was not a reliable source of reference. Who is certain that the condition of this particular person after an accident is just like the one shown in the film. After all, there can be different degrees of spinal cord injury. The extent of injury may account for 5% in some patients, 40% in others or 95% in still others. I wish to emphasize that the injury of 5% in one person and of 5% in another person translates into the same visible effects.

    As the time following the accident was extending, I decided to take a risk, as I had nothing to loose. In a sense I was convinced by the results shown in the film, so in fact I fell for the trick. Despite logical questions bombarding my mind, I made a decision. In view of the fact that my acquaintance is a very notable neurologist in Poland, we decided to register with utmost thoroughness and professionalism the whole case history of my condition. I had very precise MRI taken (saying “precise” I mean the largest possible magnification of each level of the spine), furthermore I had RTG performed, as well as loco motor potentials and many other less significant examinations. To get information about the condition of cutaneous sensibility, the doctor checked every single part of my body with a brush and a needle and that examination took him 1.5 hour. Finally, everything was duly recorded on paper. Apart from cutaneous sensibility also deep sensibility was tested, as well as voluminal measurements of muscles were taken, supplemented with the tests of limbs reflexes and muscle reflexes. I was examined from top to bottom by all possible means. Thus prepared documentation was put to a thick folder and translated by a medical sworn translator of the Russian language. Mistakes were out of the question. Everything was packed and sent to the address provided. As seen from the above, I treated the subject seriously and everything was thoroughly thought over. All those initial steps had been taken only to be given a reply whether I would qualify for the treatment or not. The documents were sent via DHL carrier – I still have an acknowledgment of receipt. Keeping in mind that “every patient is important and that health and time of every person is worth his weight in gold” we waited for a reply for three months. Unfortunately in vain. If you do not receive a reply to your e-mails, letters or requests, do not be surprised. That is normal. They have so many patients that they are unable to run this business efficiently. Despite giving them a full contact address, two e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, they just did not reply. It is an example of ignoring a potential patient, who is earnestly praying for a reply to come. A conclusion is clear – it is not health that matters. If it was, the answer would have reached me much earlier. Somebody might say that they have a whole lot of work and a multitude of patients. OK, but what if somebody has just had an accident and he or she desperately needs urgent help? It is unacceptable that documentation prepared with such meticulous care or any other documentation should end up in a cabinet, a bin or who knows where. It is total disrespect of this person.

    After that long period of waiting we decided to call them and ask what happened with the documents. It turned out that they had disappeared! How come! How can documents vanish! Any attempt to excuse them would be just inappropriate, so please don‘t do it. For me it is at least as clear as the clouds in the sky. As the documents were missing, there was nothing else to be done about it but go there. My father and his two friends, whose close relatives had their spinal cords injured, flew to meet professor B to get to know everything there was to be learnt about the method itself, research results and patients' condition.

    Upon arrival in Moscow, it turned out that the professor had seen my documentation but…. put them aside as they had so many other patients! According to him, if anybody was really interested, he should just come. Rubbish, isn’t it? Let’s assume that somebody lives on the other side of the world, then what ? Luckily, it only takes me two hours to get there but of course it involves considerable travel costs. In my opinion it is a good marketing technique - they have so many patients that they cannot cope with. The conclusion again was self evident. If they have so many patients, then there must be some magnetizing force. News spreading about the progress of patients or rather …... perfectly advertised and highly overrated business ???

    They were shown a certain Rumanian man, the same who I had seen at home, and another well prepared multi-media presentation. A few drawings of cells, a few pictures of rats, but there was absolutely nothing about patients before and after the therapy. Those facts should have been the basis for drawing proper conclusions with regard to their methods of treatment. Now somebody might ask why I had gone there - the answer is simple - dubious perspectives but still perspectives, effects not often seen with other injured people, documented to a some extent, plus recommendations of people who were there and patents granted by the minister of health. It all spoke in favour. Besides, my father was informed that just after three visits a lot would change. Functions of the bladder and intestines would be fully restored – in 100%, cutaneous sensitivity would improve and locomotor functions would reappear. Unfortunately, all the above does sounded convincing. A man realizes certain things too late. He would have never expected that it was only a pure lie, a contrived plan.

    A decision to go was made but the problems were looming on the horizon - different problems connected with organization of the visit, tardiness, spitefulness and lack of good will on the part of administrative staff. For further three months we were fighting to get to them. Strange, isn’t it? We had to literally hammer on the door, call almost every day, remind them about the invitation, documents, etc. It goes without saying that such things should have never taken place. Such formalities should have been handled in a nice atmosphere and without any problems. As if it was not enough that you pay them loads of money, you had to elbow your way to get there. In a civilized country such procedures would go smoothly and with no major hindrances. But if you assume that the patient must be patient and wait - it is OK! At long last, after a titanic struggle, we received our visas and away, or rather up we went.

    The First Visit to the Clinic

    If there is any place in the world worth a visit and where they really have substantial effects, I would be the first person to go there. I admit that I was “bought” by pseudo professor B and his entourage. After a visit to the clinic I was subjected to a number of examinations. I cannot say that their number was small, on the contrary, the number of examinations and tests was quite substantial. MRI, RTG, USG of the abdomen, kidneys, heart, ECG and many, many more. 150 ml of blood was collected for all possible tests. I was introduced to the doctor I was in charge of and it is where the problems began. The doctor was totally irresponsible, playing to the gallery. What I mean here is that after the doctors' round with professor in the lead, he told me that he would come in a minute, while in fact he either did not come at all or I had to wait for him until late in the evening. Despite being urged by nurses that I had an important issue to discuss with him, he just would not come. I had a number of queries connected with the treatment itself that I wanted to elucidate. After a number of urging pleadings he came and explained that the treatment would take one year, i.e. 4 visits very third month each. When asked about failed cases, he replied that only in 12 % of patients there was no progress.
    The days that followed brought on even more stress, so I resolved to complain to the professor about that doctor as I really could not find a common language with that man. He simply was not there when needed.
    When I informed the professor about those sad facts, he promptly replied that he was not in a position to handle everything and that such things could happen. Luckily, I was assigned to another, very nice doctor.

    Besides, when I came to make a complaint, he showed me the very film which had been shown to my father and then he talked about his super methods. When asked how long the treatment would take he announced that two years!!! He was in hot water now. It turned out that the doctors inform patients about three-year period of therapy !!! It was not a problem to ask patients about their expected length of treatment and so I did. All new patients were informed about three-year therapy. What a cunning method to generate greater profit. Why do I think so? The answer is simple. A drowning man clutches at straws. When tormented by doubts, a patient would think that if he stopped coming to that place, his functions may not come back, and the therapy might end in failure. I also shared that way of reasoning. In my opinion another factor which resulted in lengthening of the therapy was an item of information which appeared in Polish media – that at the University of Moscow there would be established a faculty devoted to stem cells research. At the university - which meant that the research was still under way. Wasn’t it some kind of fear that he might lose his potential patients?

    It is one of the most serious charges against him - Cheating people about the length of therapy. There are already a few Russians fora where you can read that a number of people starts talking about this fact. Furthermore, one person intends to file a charge against him before the Tribunal in the Hague.

    I was also informed about carrying further scientific research in the clinic. No research is being conducted and since setting up this business, it has never been conducted. I know about it from a well-informed person working at the clinic. People have started talking - they know what's what.

    After a few days I had a consultation with a neurosurgeon. He said that I had a scar which should be removed. Then there should be injected the cells taken from the nose, grown somewhere in a laboratory. Under such circumstances, professor B stated explicitly that I should be lying on the surgical table, cut open. After a few hours he came back, announcing that it would be better to wait and try with the cells from the blood, as he was in favour of procedures other than operations. It was not a difficult guess to estimate that there was more money flowing in when such approach was adopted - it is better to come ten times, not just once and make progress.
    There arose a question – “As there is a scar, it blocks regeneration. Why does he want to inject cells?”

    After a few days cells from my nose were taken. It is the worst procedure during the whole therapy. A surgeon cuts out (with a scalpel) in the nose some tissue and dumps it into some liquid. I need not explain how good blood flow in this place is. After a strong nosebleed, with a wad of cotton wool in the nose, I adjourned to my room and somehow survived the whole night but in the morning a nightmare began. A nurse came to remove that wad of cotton wool. She was not prepared for what followed. I wouldn’t say that she took out the wad - she pulled it out forcibly. Then after five seconds I had a very strong nose bleed – half of bed was soaked with blood and there were blood clots in my throat and nose. Total lack of any preparation to remove the swab. It was a very unpleasant experience, which left behind a nasty aftertaste.

    Many of you perhaps will say that I am being peevish and niggling, but I disagree. This is a total lack of preparation and professionalism.

    Rehabilitation in the clinic is as primitive as it used to be in Poland twenty years ago, i.e. tragic. Passive stretching, exercises with weights, passive standing with knees leaning, cycling and other rubbish. I decided to make use of a bicycle only. They all excelled in encouraging me to try their miraculous therapy, yet I refused. I had seen many things in my life but that can hardly be called rehabilitation. I practice PNF, Bobatch and I also use other methods. I know what is going on. I have been informed that this rehabilitation + cells + miraculous stimulation of nerves will produce wonderful results. Rubbish. What's the use of passive stretching of muscles without using the brain? It is based on the same principle as cycling and drinking beer while your legs pedal, being moved by some force, as if on their own.

    At first I was administered two single punctures I must admit that spasticity decreased. Also what is shown in the pictures is true but it is only a drop in the ocean. During the visits that followed not much changed. Almost nothing really.

    Visits No. 2, 3, 4 and 5

    During all visits I would say that hardly anything had changed, upon which the professor almost jumped up and down for joy that I had made such immense progress. He made a fuss about nothing. It was again only pulling the wool over patients’ eyes. You can fall for it, believe me. I was taken in twice, but after the second visit I knew that something was wrong.

    Selected situations

    During my last visit I talked to their spokesman. Self-confident, he asked whether there had been any progress. I replied unequivocally that almost none, to which he retorted that it was impossible. Does he know any better than me? Does he know better what happens with my organism? They all are over-confident and definitely exaggerate and overrate those successes of theirs.

    Their in-house statistics reveal that in 12% of patients nothing changes. Thus I asked myself a question already during the first visit. “Can it be me who belongs to that group?” It turned out that yes, indeed, yet, this non-progress group does not account for 12% but 90%! During each of my visits I talked to a number of patients from all over the world. Out of at least 30 patients who had already been there on two or three occasions nothing changed. So I calculated for myself that the probability of talking to patients with no progress is in no way smaller than patients who progressed. Therefore, it seems unlikely that I chanced to talk to just that group of 12% with no progress. Did I really happen to be among patients with no progress. I must have had really bad luck?!

    It turns out that out of each 10 patients who were operated on, only 3 patients showed any traits of progress at all This bitter truth shows the scale of lies and stupefying people.

    Out of a few hundred patients only three are able to walk. Besides, it is not registered in any way . There are no films showing patients before the treatment and after it, which is of vital significance. Nobody has any idea what they looked like before the therapy.

    During my first visit to the clinic I was consulted by an urologist. He asked a number of questions about the condition of my bladder. Most patients had an urodynamic test performed. I didn't. Why? Not until my fifth visit did they decide to carry out this test. Sudden change of mood? That wasn't a thorough examination, not at all. The one I had had in Poland lasted 45 minutes, while in Moscow it took only 3 minutes. The effect was such that I was prescribed a medication to relax the bladder muscles. Nothing more. They only kept saying that it was much better. How on earth could it be any better if they did not have any comparative data?

    During my last visit I had magnetic resonance imaging performed – no signs of even the slightest improvement in regeneration of the spinal cord. Nothing changed although I had had been there five times and each time I had been administered three double punctures, not two single ones like the others.
    Why did some patients have more than two punctures? I managed to find out that only very few patients were given more than two doses. All those who I talked to said that they receive two single punctures. Why are patients treated differently. Isn't it a paraphrase of a popular phrase "that all patients are equal but some are more equal than others? This query does not have any logical answer, from medical point of view at least.

    I talked to a patient who – on his second visits – had three punctures, which resulted in a better progress. The patient unwittingly, or acting in good faith, informed the professor of that fact with the consequence that the professor suddenly did not allow for more than two punctures. Presumably, he was afraid that the patient might recover too soon and would not leave in the bank account so much money as he waned. Perhaps. But that was not a single case. It happened a few times. I talked to patients who wanted to have more punctures – it was forbidden. This information does not come from the staff but from people who come there.

    Being in the clinic, you might have an impression that doctors put a bold face on it. After all, they do see that there are no effects, yet insistently they sell stories that everything will be fine. Sheer nonsense. If a patient says that there are no effects, then, in my opinion, it is true. During each of my visits doctors would reassure me about the noticeable effects and that they would occur after each visit. There did not occur neither spectacular nor even modest effects. Functions of the bladder or intestines have not come back, nor has cutaneous sensibility. But he made so much fuss about it, so many assurances! I understand that rehabilitation has a major impact on locomotor activity and its progress, but not on skin sensibility or bladder.

    I had been there five times and not even once did the doctor tested my reflexes with a hammer. It should have been thoroughly documented so that the condition during the first visit and the last one could be compared. The same applies to cutaneous sensibility. If, as they say, the spinal cord was to regenerate, sensibility should be coming back. Nobody had ever checked my sensibility by means of a needle. But these are the basic neurological examinations !!!!!
    But what is the use of storing such data if the results are so poor. It would be a total disaster if, after comparing the initial results with the ones obtained during the last visit, it turned out that they are exactly the same. Thus, it is better to assume that any comparison is pointless, as in this way any embarrassment could be avoided.

    In the schedule for the day it is written in black and white that the doctor on duty must do his or her round. He does it indeed, but only once week, instead of every day. After the puncture in evening nobody takes any care of the patient. A lot depends on the nurses. It there is a nurse who takes care of a patient, which should be part and parcel of her duties, she might even take a temperature or pressure and ask about your general mental and physical state. During all those five visits it happened twice. It is shocking. A patient may feel unwell, there may be different side effects. You can certainly push the call-up button and ask for the doctor, but it should go without saying.

    Nowadays the clinic has focused on enhancement its prestige. Everybody wears a brand-name uniform. It looks cool, but it is only a cheap way to buy people, as a lot of attention is devoted to material, insignificant things.

    I talked to people who were in contact with patients who had been coming to the clinic for two years and who had no results. As I learned, they simply stopped coming as they found it pointless. I was there five times and said thank you to that method.

    The man responsible for making media hype and stimulating business, i.e. the press spokesman of meagre height, does not care about patients' opinions at all. This business-triggering man boasts about anything that can attract TV stations. But what for? Folk - show us the patients before and after treatment.
    As a matter of fact a media show takes place in Rehabilitation Room every day. Miraculous effects (cycling on a therapeutic bicycle with pedals moving on its own) are shot with a camera and crowds of people gather to admire unbelievable effects. Total naivety. Making a fuss over poor effects. The absolute pits! Many a time I was a witness to that claptrap. My case was also to be filmed. It is ridiculous but at the same time dramatically depressing. I understand that people can express their joy – but at what???? Doctors assemble and look with disbelief at the guy cycling or rather a bicycle cycling for him. It would be a different story if it was the patient himself who pedalled. But so much ado about nothing! Let's come down to earth, ladies and gentlemen.

    Summing up my reflections in which I definitely omitted a few facts, I have arrived at the conclusion that all methods used worldwide are - for the time being - of little effectiveness. I do not intend to make overgeneralizations, but my findings reveal that only very few individuals can pull through.

    All words contained above are true, these are not made up stories. The only thing I expect from all those who managed to reach the end of this long letter and who are like me, e.g. Dr Wise, is to express their opinion on this issue, without burying their heads in the sand.

    Dear Doctor Wise, you have never spoke at length about Dr Brochowiecki from Moscow. I look forward to any criticism and logical conclusions, hoping sincerely that I will receive them

    To cheer you up and to boost your positive thinking I would like to add that the price of the procedure has increased by $1,000 (yes, one thousand dollars!).
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    Ab alio exspectes, alteri quod feceris.

    I'm sorry you were disappointed. Not surprised, but still very sorry.

    No matter what anybody says, there are currently no effective cure therapies for chronic spinal cord injury. Of course we hope, and some will try, but so far nothing much exists.
    Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


      Originally posted by oxygen
      i have arrived at the conclusion that all methods used worldwide are - for the time being - of little effectiveness.
      reading and seeing friends that have had procedures as well have turned me against anything right now.. as we all hope that something promising will come about soon.

      Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

      If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby. Carlos Mencia


        Thank you very much for your summed-up experience.

        For myself, whenever I see somebody charging $20,000 for a treatment I get suspicious. That seems be a high enough amount of money to make a scam worthwhile, yet low enough to be affordable for desperate people.


          Originally posted by betheny
          I'm sorry you were disappointed. Not surprised, but still very sorry.

          No matter what anybody says, there are currently no effective cure therapies for chronic spinal cord injury. Of course we hope, and some will try, but so far nothing much exists.
          i just wonder why those doctors are charging so much money from people like us[sci]?the money is the eye of devil.shame on them.i am talking about portugal ,china,russia take advantage and to became rich using sci patients is a big SIN.


            when they want more for the treatment its more reliable for people. I am in France now in Laserpuncture clinic . I will die tryin
            Ab alio exspectes, alteri quod feceris.


              oxygen, thank you so much for posting this. Wise.


                You did not do the rehab they recommended, nor did you finish the treatment. Therefore, your criticism lacks a bit of validity.


                  really? I recomend you to go there for their rehab . I dont prefer middle ages pasive methods. Isnt Osteopathy better? Also please read carefully my post about the treatment I did and what they told about future progress. Dont comment if you havent understood.

                  What can give you the rehab without cells? NOTHING...........
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                  Ab alio exspectes, alteri quod feceris.


                    That's must be pretty frustrating/devastating to go through such experience & come out with empty hands.
                    That nose bleeding thing must have been terrifying.
                    I have one question which you don't have to answer if not comfortable:
                    I'm curious to know how much this experience in Moscow did cost you?


                      toooooo much. About 100.000 $, tickets included
                      Ab alio exspectes, alteri quod feceris.


                        Originally posted by oxygen
                        toooooo much. About 100.000 $, tickets included
                        Holy cow..........
                        It's not easy being an SCI, grrrrrrrr.....
                        They sure are raking money on smb's misery.


                          Originally posted by challenged athlete
                          Holy cow..........
                          It's not easy being an SCI, grrrrrrrr.....
                          They sure are raking money on smb's misery.
                          an old not stupid the one who is asking for money stupid the one who pay.
                          btw i paid too.


                            in Moscow?
                            Ab alio exspectes, alteri quod feceris.


                              Originally posted by oxygen
                              in Moscow?
                              in china [20.000$plus air tickets]