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    I did 32 days straight of hyperbaric treatments, I made progress every day after the 3rd trearment until around the 24th, than no change so they stopped after 32. Huge mistake, I should have continued for a year. I bought my own, a model used by search and rescue teams, and used it for over a year . I did not gain anymore feeling but greatly improved my strenght. When I was in rehab 36 days after my accident I could not pick up my shoe to put it on my foot,after the year of hyperbaric treatment I could bench press my body weight 12 email is and cell is 443 271-6850, contact me if I can help...Brian


      michal - kope lat (jesli nie pamietasz to jestem z bialegostoku

      widzialem twoje wyniki testow we francji z 2 i 9 listopada i mam pytanie: czy to znaczy ze ta laseroterapia obnizyla ci czucie ? (bo tak to wyglada jak na moj prosty rozum)

      daj znac i pozdrowienia od mojej cioci dla ciebie i twojej mamy


        hi oxygen

        I went for stem cell treament in Germany 2 years ago. I had no sensory improvement but after 3 months of physio I was a lot stronger and seemed to have gained better motor function on my legs and hips. Unfortunately I cannot attribute this directly to the treatment as I did not have physio before (which seems to be a key element to any sc treatment). My little trip cost about 15000 Euro incl tickets. I did some research & interviewed 3 patients that went before me + also spoke to doctors & physios before I made my decision. I can relate to everything not always tying up but you still go ahead with it. I still do not believe this dr is out to deliberately scam patients as he never made any claims about healing sci's but do so for other aliments eg diabetes. One desperate SCI went to him & the effect snowballed. Two years later I can say I'm dissapointed yet glad I went for the experience and the improvements I gained from it. I am not aware of the other patients recovering significantly.

        I see you into bikes - me too. Do you ride?


        PS: If this post seems contradictory its becoz the subject is complex & not enough space to lay everything out.


          witaj Maćku, oczywiście że pamiętam, jeżeli chcesz coś do mnie napisać to PW wyślij, dam ci meila to pogadamy.

          sasv - I used to ride bikes . SM, motocross, quads, offroads and superbikes. I will ride again when I find out my cure. I love it too much. Here is my little baby Yamaha wr 426 SM with K&N filters, Mig exhaust system, Renthal steering-wheel, excell wheels, Thalon hub and so on . My nick shoud be bikemaniac .
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          Ab alio exspectes, alteri quod feceris.


            I see you are T6/T8, not being presumptuous but have you seen this??


            There's a few of us around the world that rides with this type of system.


              thanks for the bike link

              This is me at Race City in Calgary Alberta on a Hyabusa the same bike that "assisted" me into my chair. I used to be the Chief Pilot of an aviation company flying all over North America but I miss the riding more than the flying.


                Geoffrey you can drive again, you can built your own 3 wheel motorcycle!
                Just try.


                  one more young lady to Moscow.

                  Fighting to walk again
                  Local clinic helping woman get stem cell treatment in Russia
                  By STACY LEISER • The Leaf-Chronicle • December 13, 2009

                  Brittney Ham has a supportive family, determination and hope, a combination that keeps the thought of walking again active in her mind.

                  But money stands in her way.

                  "If I had the money I would be walking," Ham said.

                  Now 24 years old, Ham was paralyzed at age 16. She and her boyfriend got a ride home with a drunk driver who crashed, ejecting Ham from the wreckage and severing her spinal cord.

                  People with spinal cord injuries can improve with therapy over time, but when the cord is totally severed, as Ham's was, patients are offered little hope of regaining sensation below the point of injury.

                  Ham and her mother have become experts on various complex treatment approaches that create paths for healing thought impossible before.

                  In 2006, they went to Russia twice, working with Dr. Andrey S. Bryukhovetskiy at NeuroVita Clinic to implant Ham's own stem cells into her spinal cord.

                  "The first time I stayed for a month and went through 10 days of testing. You get two injections each time you go," Ham said. "Follow up visits are ideally every three months, but you can return at anytime and pick up where you left off."