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Some SCI Can Be Cured

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    Damn politicians and their point of view regarding science and cures.
    n August 2001, US President George Bush announced that Federal funding could be used for stem cell research, but only for research using existing cell lines as at 9pm on August 9. This meant excess IVF embryos, purpose-made embryos, and aborted foetuses could no longer be used to create new cell lines, at least not in publicly-funded research programs. (The human cloning research by Advanced Cell Technology had private funding.)

    In Britain, the decision was more liberal. In January 2001 the Parliament voted to fund the entire range of stem cell research, including therapeutic cloning. Reproductive cloning, which intends to 'grow' a cloned cell into a new individual, was banned, and the ban was made more explicit in November 2001 in legislation banning embryo clones from being implanted into wombs.

    In Australia, a House of Representatives report into the issue in September 2001 gave the green light to a range of stem cell research but recommended a three-year moratorium on therapeutic cloning, and argued that the current framework for setting ethical guidelines for such research was inadequate. Federal, state and territory governments have agreed to establish a national regulatory approach by June 2002.


      Originally posted by HopeForSCI
      Here is the website for my doctor: You can find more information relating to SCI treatment program and the clinic. His website is bilingual. We are still in the process of translating his published articles into English. So you can see he has extensive experience of treating illnesses of Central Nervous System (CNS). He is able to improve SCI in two months.

      If you know someone qualified for the program, please email me or contact the above website.

      Best regards,
      I went to the website and could not find any testimonials for sci, why?


        Originally posted by IanTPoulter
        I went to the website and could not find any testimonials for sci, why?
        go to 'About Us'

        It's so custom that you'll need a translator (which they provide)

        scary at first, but pretty cool for free acupuncture and massage.

        I used to pay $60 dollars a session lol.


          oh and to add. I highly doubt this is a cure, but should help with improvement

          the bowel and bladder gains seem realistic. plus like i said, its a free acupuncture and massage lol. thats not something you get in los angeles ever.....


            acupuncture just made my neuropain and spasticity not play with the nervous system if you have a sci[short circuit].
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