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My Experience about SCI cure

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    My Experience about SCI cure

    I always try to find cure cure cure but no no cure for me which satisfied me,

    A. I Tried to go church, Temple, Gurdwara for a long time but no way,

    B. My parents start homeopathic even next day of my accident, You know i am continue even today this homeopathic medicine, Dr. of homeopathic always said that he has seen much improvement on me but i am not convience, i think little improvement only cause of time period.

    C. I went to Kerla for ayurvedic treatment, Doctors responsed me that much chance of my recovery, he is very positive about my treatment he write me personaly letter and send to me in my dad's hand,he told me that he wants my visit to kerla for three times in three years for three months. He told me many cases of SCI which he had treated,Very difficult to go their because 3 days travelling in train, but my dad try my best and booked cabin in train, i stay kerla three months, they bath me with diffrent type of oils and medicated powders, i not realised any improvement so decide not to go next time

    D. I want to try to take treatment in accupenture but not know much about this

    E. I already went to Hariduwaar for Yoga Treatment in Swaami Ram Dev Ji ( last year ), continue yoga today also but left their medicine, see improvement only to reduce fat , some positiveness but no increase in sensation or another physically .

    In end i am waitting for all of ur views, That is the only reason i explained you


    waitting ur views dears
    talk u later more