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  • Stem Cell Procedure - Buenos Aires

    My 10 year old son has been in a coma for 18 months and has severe injury to his brain and brain stem. We have been all over the world looking for stem cell procedures, ie China, Russia and the USA. We have found a clinic in Buenos Aires Argentina where he is now showing real signs of progress. If anvone wants information they can E-Mail me on. and i will send them all relevant contact addresses and telephone numbers.

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    sounds interesting.....
    How does a blade of grass thank the sun?


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      Can u give the details on here? Pass it on here as that'll be great
      How does a blade of grass thank the sun?


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        The web site is The stem cell treatment is done by Dr Vina and the after care is in the Institu Regina Mater in Buenos Aires. E-Mail addresses are as follows: For Attention of Dr F Vina For Attenion of Dr G Moviglia


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          I am moving this to the cure forum where more people can see and comment on this. I have not heard of this clinic before.



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            Just to let everyone know that the clinic are currently treating Spinal Cord Injuries, cancer sufferers, ALS and MS sufferers. They have treated other ilnesses in the past, not all have been successful but they are always willing to give anyone an appraisal.


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              One more new clinic found for stem cell treatments in argentina.

              i surfed the site but i dont think ne patient report is posted over there.would be glad to know patient reports or view.

              Best luck



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                I have spoken to Dr Moviglia and he will send me a patient report on Dominic. Once i have received them i will post it here for all to look at. I am going this Saturday 17 Dec to spend Christmas and New Year with Yvette (my wife) and Dominic and will let you all know how he is when i return in the new year. If anybody wants anything specific asked or information from Buenos Aires let me know and i will endevaour to find out and let you know.


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                  So sad to hear about your son. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and please keep us posted. All the best to you and your family.
                  I have a 21 yr.old son, T5, injured almost 5 yrs. ago, and am very interested in stem cell therapies.
                  Chris B.


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                    Concerning your son, I really hope that the "real signs of progress" will soon be real progresses, and finally the end of a bad story for all your family. Please let us know!...
                    I've read the input of cluskey007 on the other thread, that sounds great but toooo much technical for me to understand!...
                    Concerning the idea of promoting such approach in other countries, I think I could ask right here in Brussels, I have a good contact. (But again how are they going to consider my request!!)
                    May be I need more informations about patients, how much have been treated, conditions... I cannot open their web site...


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                      All the best to u and ur family....pls do keep us updated with patients views and reports..



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                        Really impressed by the treatment and hope will find some more reliable news about that. Very happy to get an Indian here.



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                          Hi to all,
                          Just to let you know Dominic is doing well. I will post all patient reports when i return home in early Jan.
                          If anyone is interested and wants to come for treatment and would like to share accommodation costs, we have a 2 bed appartment, then contact me on

                          Wishing you all a happy christmas and prosperous new year.



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                            I have spoken to an Argentinian lady who is an SCI patient, her name is Cecilia and if anybody would like to contact her and ask about her experiences then she is willing to talk to you. Her e-mail address is
                            She speaks excellent english.


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                              Hi kenny,

                              thanks for updates and other info. a merry christmas and hope a great new year of recovery for dominic

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