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Susan Fajt, this sounds interesting...........

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    Susan Fajt, this sounds interesting...........

    These folks sound like they've got the urgency down. Just don't know if this is anything legit:


    By Gerald Armstrong

    You have my permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated.

    The Cure

    Gen Cells Cures will find the cure even if it means taking on President George Bush and the Vatican. The cure is definitely going to be found in stem cell research. When the first cure comes in from stem stem research it will have a domino effect as incurable diseases will soon vanish fom the
    world. Needlesss to say it is very unlikely that any stem cell cure will come from the good old USA. President Bush has frozen science in time dated back to four years ago. We simply are not going to wait for four more years to get started. I also just don’t like Big Brother breathing down my
    neck. He has nothing to offer except red tape, detours and roadblocks. Thank God there is a world outside the United States. We have packed our bags and michroscopes and gone offshore. To find the cure we have had to adopt the motto “Have Michroscope Will Travel.” Science doesn’t have time for
    politics and religion to catch up. Nor does Gen Cells Cures have time for bureaucratic smoke and mirrors.

    The money to find the cure. Where are we going to find it? President Bush has the federal piggy bank all locked up for stem cell research. Maybe George Bush is the best man for the presidency. That’s what the American people believe. Ok maybe he does a good job, but for our future health he has
    got to get the Big F. As the 48 nobel-prize winning scientists have clearly stated to the president in a letter, he has compromised our future. Let me spell it out for you, he has shaved 8 years off our lives. Hasn’t he given any thought to George and Barbara’s future. I know that I worry about
    the advancing years of my Mom and Dad. What are we going to do? Just put our senior citizens out to pasture. Seniors have just as much right to the cure as the next guy. I hear people talk about the fact that there is no reason to extend life because there is no room for our seniors because of
    future over poulation. Will I disagree. How greedy can you be? I live in a third world country where I see 15 people squeezed into one room. I don’t see a problem with over population. I would be happy to squeeze Mom and Dad into a little room with me if it meant they didn’t have to leave this
    world so soon . And what about us, the baby boomers and that includes President George Bush himself. “What If” we get cancer or another deadly incurable disease. Unfortunately for many of us that “what if” has already become a nightmare of reality. Where does that leave us then? And what about
    the money needed to do the job?

    Private research, If you want to go on living the American Dream forget the extra yaht and the private plane. I would rather take a public cruise and fly with Richard Branson’s airline than die prematurely from a deadly incurable disease.Yes I am talking about investing in your own private stem
    cell research. Private Stem cell research for the wealthy has finally arrived. Gen Cells Cures is the only biotech in the world specializing in stem cell research for wealthy individuals. However, if you are poor and need the cure contact us anyway. One can’t do much in this world without money
    but we’ll try. Every penny invested at Gen Cell Cures goes into pure research. We don’t want a beautiful new biomedical research center like the Stowers Institute from Kansas City. All we want is the cure. We will work anywhere we have to to find the cure. A rented tin shack will do just fine,
    but we do need the best people and the best equipment. So if you know a billionaire without a cause, please have this billionaire take a look at what we have to offer with stem cell research. You can always make another Billion but you can’t buy another life. At Gen Cells Cures we will run for
    the cure, we will jump for the cure, we will sing with the rock band “The Cure” for the cure, in fact we will jump through hoops for the cure and most important we will work for the cure. We only lack one ingredient to find the cure and that ingredient is the money needed for the stem cell
    research. What’s It all about? …Finding the cure, that’s what it’s all about. The Cure! The Cure! The Cure!

    Article by Gerald Armstrong-
    Gerald is the owner of Gen Cells Cures
    Visit his group for information about “the cure” for incurable diseases and aging.


    You confusing me

    Is Susan -a billionare or knows some?

    This private company is in Kansas.

    Its really interesting.......

    And the only way we can find/create billionaire with sci cause is by breaking his spine lol

    I think I've read that someone at Microsoft top is sci but I never heard him being active for cure

    Or he could be just a poster boy for company in their promotions as disability frieindly. I MET some SUCH poster phonies over years
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      Does anyone know this guy? This stinks of a rip off. Something's not right with this story...
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        Requesting donations here...

        Sob story about having the million dollars he had to start-up his biotech stolen. Even the following claims:

        Chris Reeve had expressed an interest in helping me get back on track before his untimely passing. I had to give up my small scale philanthropy of giving food to the poor people that I had met on the island. My favorite individual charity was a young lady and her three children whose husband had died of cancer in his early 60’s. She and her children are on the street.
        ...and more, where he goes by Elvis and claims to be the world's best pick-up artist (PUA):

        Wow, still no specific rebuttal from Elvis! Is this guy sinking fast or what!?

        Ok here's more irrefutable dirt on Elvis: As someone else pointed out in one of TC's earlier blog posts, Elvis uses the same phone numbers for multiple unrelated "businesses". At, Elvis goes by the name Gerald Armstrong, CEO of Gen Cells Cures. There's photos of him there to show it's the same guy.

        Not surprisingly, according to his various net profiles, Mr Armstrong lives in Santiago, Dominican Republic. (eg But how can that be? Elvis is based out of California or Tennessee depending which web page you believe.

        "Gen Cells Cures" is a piece of work. Did you know Mr Armstrong tragically lost a million dollars in a Caribbean bank scam, and now he needs your donations?

        Wow, and Elvis is such a nice guy that he offers hope with cancer cures, extended lifespan, human cloning, stem cell research, etc. It's no wonder the ladies love our hero.

        Yep, you read that right, Gerard/Elvis preys upon those with incurable diseases!

        And did you know that Gerald and Elvis also go by the name "Richard W." of - you guessed it - Santiago, Dominican Republic. Seems the poor guy has to walk everywhere because his car is all bwoken. That's a far cry from the jet setting Elvis we all know and love.
        Good find.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.



          No one except the Actor and Gerald Armstrong of Gen Cells Cures new about Mr. Reeve’s plans to get behind the research of the now disabled biotech.

          Yeah, right, we believe you.
          ~See you at the CareCure-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~


            Very intriguing Faye, great post! I will look into this tomorrow as i am about to collapse onto this computer...

            One question- Are they legit?




              Save yourself some time and effort ( ) and read Steven's excellent post, and Jeff's interesting link.
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