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New Russian treatment for Inclusion Body Myositis

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    New Russian treatment for Inclusion Body Myositis

    I have inclusion body myositis. Three months ago I saw a Reddit video about a guy from Texas that was at the Lymphatech Clinic in Perm Russia being treated for this disease.
    After some research (very thin info available, but there are no other options with this disease), I came to Lymphatech a month ago.

    Bottom line is that I am improved. They do extensive diagnostics and give PT, TMS, and infusions of their own mix.

    To give others a shortcut to finding out more, I am doing a series of homegrown videos documenting my journey.

    The one you'll probably want to start with is at

    If you want a subsequent way to remember how to get there, see the link at the bottom of the page at

    I will be doing more videos.

    Other Bruce Did they say that your condition is part of the Myositis group and can go into remission? And for how long will you be in remission did they say?

    I ask because I was in remission for one of the Myositis conditions. However, I have recently lost muscle but Docs are perplexed by my condition given I don't have any other tell tale signs.


      They did confirm that it is IBM from the biopsy they did.
      They don't promise a cure. It's more of a treatment. They have suggested that because my disease is not too bad I may have a better future, but there was no warranty made.
      I will be doing another video to go over the symptoms I've had and the benefits I'm seeing here, but I'm trying to catch up on all the stuff I've already shot.
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