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Pre-natal surgery saving spina bifida patients from paralysis

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    Pre-natal surgery saving spina bifida patients from paralysis

    This isn't a "cure" for SCI, but it seems like a potential "cure" for one potential cause of it, for some patients, at least. Improved outcomes are welcome not matter what, IMO!

    "If it wasn't for them then Mila would be paralysed. I am just so grateful that she has had this chance."

    Mila is showing good signs of development and is fully continent, though still has some fluid on the brain, and is now being looked after by Great Ormond Street Hospital
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    My DIL had this inutero surgery in 2012 at Childern's Hospital Philadelphia (CHOP) and my granddaughter appears to be a normal 8 year old girl. She runs and jumps and dances like no bodies business. She does have the bladder and bowel issues, but I guess that's minor compared to a life in a wheelchair! She also has the learning difficulties associate with Spina Bifida, but they are working on over coming that as well. She is our "miracle" girl !