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Man in wheelchair from paralysis walks again thanks to a new medical innovation

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    Too much $ involved, thats true.



      Farcken bullshit articles.

      Walk again? A decent chair,a good vehicle plus a decent nights sleep without disturbance would be nice.
      I aspire to maximise my situation, gather the best help I require, the best friends and loved ones about me, give back what and when I can.
      I am not wasting my time on what most likely is just so much futile wish crap.
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        Originally posted by rollenrye74 View Post
        In a world driven by consumerism, cures and treatments that will end expensive injuries and diseases disappear because the money being raised to research and the money being made treating them would be lost. Paralysis is an expensive life long injury. Trillions of dollars are spent around the world on caring for people, equipping them, medicating them and so forth. Profits from those companies that deal with this would dry up and millions of jobs would be lost overnight if they cured paralysis and other neurological issues. It's the same thing with cancer. How many times have we seen promising cures for cancer come along and then nothing.
        I have to disagree with you on that one. There's just too many other disabilities all over the world. With that said this won't put a dent in any of their business. This is been talked about before it makes no sense. One thing I will agree on 100% is companies like Geron and hype and lies, inflating their stock and using us as their fools. May that CEO rot in hell.

        Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
        Bob Seger