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Online SCI research seminar

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  • Online SCI research seminar

    Every Tuesday and Thursday

    Some presentations have been interesting so far.

    Follow Warren Alilain for more details:
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    Youtube link is broken fyi


    • khmorgan
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      Actually, not broken, but the video was made private.

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    It's a live "online SCI research seminar", sometimes they share unpublished data, so the video is made private shortly after it ends.
    Next week they will take a break, next will be June 2nd 2020 2pm/ET.
    If you are not familiar with twitter you may want to just subscribe the youtube chanal and "active notification"


    So far I have found it very interesting most of the time.
    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming


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      cool, thanks bro. I watched it...did you find any part in particular interesting?
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      • paolocipolla
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        I learned a bit more about microtubule, which I knew little about. I have found also interesting some questions, for ex. if axons stop growing after they form synapses? The answer seems to be yes also from the study presented. That might be crucial to know to put together the cure puzzle, as far as I understand.