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epidural stimulation on sci

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  • epidural stimulation on sci

    Hello World, how?s everyone? I wonder if anyone can help me find topics or more info about the epidural stimulation for controlling the bladder, bowels and erection?
    I cannot find much about it but i know it exists, is anyone here who has done it?
    Thanks in advance, keep safe.

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    There are load of trials for epidural stimulation which you can apply for, but there are always huge waiting lists for them. The vast majority are for motor function, but there is this one for bowels -

    If you aren't bothered about having device implanted then you can get back bowels, bladder, erection with a device thats implanted:
    There is a trial for it:

    If you are into trying some research yourself, then there are lots of papers on using TENS/EMS/FES for bowels and bladder functions. None are amazing, but you could get some benefits.

    Also there is using TMS for bladder -
    You'll probably find it hard to get someone with a TMS to do this for you, and they are fair expensive to buy. I've done this one and the paper is factually correct, but I would suggest that its not an outcome that will change your life for the better.


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      Thank you! I see i do have a lot to read and research about.