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Has anyone seen Elon Musk’s plans for brain implants?

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  • Has anyone seen Elon Musk’s plans for brain implants?

    Here’s a link to a Joe Rogan clip with Elon Musk talking about it.
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    I saw it and he says very interesting things about artificial intelligence that if they put 1/2 inch chip into your brain and you could be better than before. Hope those days are sooner than in the far future.


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      My thoughts exactly. We just need to keep our bodies in the best health and shape we can


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        Have you noticed how modern computing works? You don't "own" software. You "license" it. The software makers have the rights to update it, modify it, and charge you for it any way they see fit. (Unless modern governments start wrestling with the real moral and ethical issues of our day) Think about the farmers who own tractors today are fighting for the right to repair them. Imagine the out of date hardware isn't a tractor, but a chip in your head. Imagine the company that supports that chip in your head goes out of business. Or they decide that your model isn't profitable enough. Or maybe the feature you use (e.g., extra memory) starts getting charge each time you use it.

        I know, let's have google make a chip for your head and sell advertisers the capability to make you desire something. You think about a snack and google makes you think about how nice it would be to have some HappySpice™ brand nachos right about now. But hey, you're getting that tech for free, paid for by advertisers.

        Until we solve some basic questions in the world around intellectual property, ownership, the right to repair, and software, there is no WAY I'm putting some optional tech into my head. Lots of people have mandatory tech (e.g., cochlear implants) in their heads. That's one thing. Optional tech to make life better? No way.


        • funklab
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          Cochlear implants are definitely not mandatory. To be fair often their done in childhood, so it's the parents and not the actual patient who consents, but those parents refuse all the time.

          But in any case, I'm confused how you see hearing (cochlear implants) as necessary, or forgivable in some way, but motor function, sensation and sight are somehow a slippery slope to enslavement to the almighty tech overlords.

          In my personal opinion I very much doubt we will see the vast majority of what he's talking about in our lifetimes, but it seems odd to fear a new technology with so much promise. I suppose every innovator has the luddites to contend with.
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        • OldGrumpyDad
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          I don't fear technology. I'm actually about as high tech as you can be. But I fear Silicon Valley's business models. They routinely push boundaries as far as they can. They invent massive surveillance mechanisms without worrying about privacy or the implications. They drop support for important technologies because they can't make enough profit from the technology—not because it has stopped helping people. They invent business models of planned obsolescence where tech is built to fail so you must upgrade. Note that my problem with tractors was not that they had technology in them. The problem is that the manufacturers try to stop people from repairing their own tractors because the business doesn't enough make money if they do. I'm in no sense afraid of technology. I am very suspicious of the business models that try to get us hooked on technology and then leverage the hook against us. There's no better hook than depending on the tech for sight, sense, or body function. And tech innovators like Musk have not shown any sort of moral or ethical compass that makes me want to trust them with a chip in my brain.