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No SCI Research going on? There are still papers released every day.

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  • No SCI Research going on? There are still papers released every day.

    Most days of the week there are new paper published on SCI research. I wonder how interesting it would be for everyone if I were to post links to them here?

    A lot of them aren't about cure like this one:
    Physical activity among individuals with spinal cord injury who ambulate: a systematic scoping review.

    But some are, like this one:
    Rosmarinic acid exerts a neuroprotective effect on spinal cord injury by suppressing oxidative stress and inflammation via modulating the Nrf2/HO-1 and TLR4/NF-κB pathways.

    And there are ones that are relevant to us, but not about cure like:
    COVID-19 and spinal cord injuries: the viewpoint from an emergency department resident with quadriplegia.

    I go through them most days, but was wondering if people would be interested if I posted the ones relating to cure here?

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    Thanks! Please keep posting them - great to keep up to date.
    Hope everyone is staying as safe as possible!


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      Color me interested.
      C4/5 complete


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        2 Replies and 2 Likes, so I'll start to do this - if someone tells me to stop then so be it.

        For now the papers that have come out (cure/recovery based) since I posted the question are below.


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          Very some work on lumbosacral injuries


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            New papers found today: