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New pin to raise money for spinal cord research

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    New pin to raise money for spinal cord research

    My fiance, Christina in collaboration with Kenneth Cole and Liz Claiborne has designed a symbolic pin which will raise awareness and much needed funding to benefit spinal cord research. Because we manufacture the pins our attorneys have informed us that we can not become a not for profit organization. Even though our organization is an LLC we will be donating all profit to our designated beneficiares. Please take a look at our web site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

    Thanks, we are excited [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    Walter & Christina

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    Hi Walter, and welcome to CC, the pins look great and thank for playing a role in putting and end to paralysis, etc.

    Rock on..

    pump those Florida legislators to co-sponsor Chris Reeve's Bill.

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      Hi Leo:

      Thanks for your feedback and support. If we can raise more of an awareness by the sale of this pin we can increase the funding for spinal cord research. Every little bit helps.



        Originally posted by Walter Rynasko:

        Because we manufacture the pins our attorneys have informed us that we can not become a not for profit organization.

        Walter & Christina
        I think you should find new lawyers... manufacturing and selling an item to raise money for charity does not disqualify you for non-profit status. There are lots of examples to the contrary:
        HIV (Until There's A Cure Bracelets)
        Lance Armstrong Foundation (LiveStrong Bracelets)
        American Lung Association (BreathEasy Wristband)
        American Diabeter Association (Wristbands and other products)

        These are just the examples I came up with off the top of my head. Perhaps there is another reason why you can not be a non-profit, but the pins themselves are NOT a stumbling block. I would look into it if I were you.

        "On November 2 the voice of the people was heard. I promise not to imitate it out of respect for the mentally retarded" - Lewis Black (Comedian)
        "On November 2 the voice of the people was heard. I promise not to imitate it out of respect for the mentally retarded" - Lewis Black (Comedian)


          Thanks Walter and Christina.

          Your pin and website look great. Good Luck with your quest to help cure spinal cord injuries.



            Hi Walter

            I just received your pins today. They are beautiful. Believe it or not I have had a few people stop me this evening and ask me about it so gave them your web address. Way to go.

            Love the symbolism. Spoke to Christina earlier at the number you posted on your site today and she explained that there was more symbolism to the pin. She mentioned that the pins were made silver to honor Christopher Reeve, "the man of steel" You might want to put that on your site, but I am not sure if you will infringe on any copyright laws or something of the like. It was really great to hear how she came into contact with Kenneth Cole and Liz. You should put that on your site too. I was really excited to hear that Liz Claiborne inc. is monitoring the sales and will be relaying the progress to their venders. I pray someone picks this up to sell in stores. This could be big really BIG!

            To answer Mjschaef. A friend of mine is an atty and explained this to me, If goods or services are paid for then those items can not be claimed by the purchaser on tax returns therefor one can not form a not for profit. The other organizations were set up already as not for Profit raising money with donations and are also selling goods, but if they were only to sell those goods than they could not be a not for profit. I hope this makes sense.

            It really doesn't matter I think you guys are doing a wonderful thing and hope that the pins go international in creating awareness. The pins are beautiful. Thanks again


              Hi Karens Mom and Spencer Griffin and MJschaef

              Thanks for your comments and support.

              Spencer Griffin. I am so glad you received the pins and are wearing it already. We have been stopped many times too. Isn't it a great feeling to raise awareness? We are only hoping that more of the care cure community catches on so that all this work and lots of donated time and money do not go by the wayside.

              MJschaef - Thanks so much for pointing this out. Hopefully this will help clear up any questions you or anyone else may have.

              The attorneys that donated their time and manpower for this cause happen to be a huge firm in NYC that specializes in forming corps, orgs and not for profits, patents. (see their link on our web site) You name it they do it. I respect their advice and believe we have done the right thing. Our company was formed to raise awareness by selling a product to generate funds that will benefit spinal cord research.

              Please make note that this pin was designed specifically for this cause and has patent and copyright protection to preserve its integrity.

              I hope this helps you to understand our intent and makes you feel better about out cause.

              Thanks so much.



                Just in case some of you have not seen Wise's post in Funding & Legislation, please read below. Bye the way, both Wise & Patricia received thier pins today and loved them... [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

                Originally posted by Wise Young:

                My good friend Walter recently put up this web site. Pleasse visit it.

                They have a new research pin that is now available. The proceeds will benefit the Spinal Cord Injury Project at Rutgers, as well as the Miami Project and the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.



                  I received my pins in the mail today. They are very nice. Couldnt wait to get home and change clothes so I could pin it on. They stand out very nicely because I went uptown and before I could even sit down someone was asking me what the pin was for.Even though I saw them in the picture, I was very surprised at how great they actually are. GREAT idea.


                    I'll be ordering directly. They're getting rave reviews.

                    I wish everyone had a brochure on the crpa to hand out if that many people are asking questions about them!

                    I don't know you, Walter, but thanks to you and Christina for a great awareness tool. I hope you have major success with it.

                    How'd y'all hook up w/ these fancy fashion people? Have you contacted the crpf and miami project about these? You never know, maybe they'd want to put them on their websites...

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                      Hi Sydney Jo

                      We are so glad you received the pins and liked the product. Thank you for your support and review. We can't tell you how it good it makes us feel to know that people are stopping you and others and asking questions. Awareness is key. I have also been stopped countless times by people in stores, on the street and at work (sold quite a few that way too) by people who are curious about the pin and what it represents. It is truly amazing.

                      Thanks again and please keep us posted.


                      Christina van Vliet and Walter Rynasko


                        Hi Walter & Christina,

                        Matt and I got our pins today and they are beautiful. Thank You!

                        Matt and Erika


                          Hi Bethany

                          Thanks for your support. It truly means a lot. We are so excited and happy about the reviews.

                          You asked how I hooked up with Kenneth Cole and Liz Claiborne. Believe it or not it was just with a simple email. Back in October after Christoper Reeves passing I wrote an email to Kenneth Cole and explained that I was looking for assistance with developing a prototype for a piece of jewelry that I had designed to raise awareness and funds to benefit Spinal Cord Research and at the same time honoring Christopher Reeve and all those afflicted.

                          I attached my file and within a day or two I received an email back from Kenneth that he was a friend of Chris' and that he felt this was a very worthy cause. He wrote that he would be contacting his jewelry licensees and ask if they would assist me. Again within a day, I was contacted by Liz Claiborne, Inc willing to offer their assistance. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with both companies. I have spent countless hours with them revising prototypes and selecting materials and not once did they ask for anything in return. It has been an unbelievable experience. I keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming.

                          We are also in the process of making some other items to benefit SCI research and they have been assisting us in the development of those prototypes and helping negotiate pricing with manufactures. Again nothing has been asked for in return. AMAZING! It would be wonderful gesture if could all thank them for their help in raising awareness and funds for SCI research.

                          We would love to be able to hyperlink off the Miami Projects Web Site and the CRPF, I have made contact and will be making follow up contacts with both orgs.

                          Thanks again for your support. I can't wait for you to see the pin in person.


                          Christina and Walter


                            Hi Matt and Erika

                            I am so happy you received the pins. Thank you so much for your comments. Please let us know what people are saying about them. Don't forget to tell them about the symbolism.

                            I look forward to the day when everyone afficted can come full circle.




                              Christina, thank you so much for all the you do. Wise.