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      Website translation

      Originally posted by Corinne Jeanmaire
      Dear Tom,
      Keep going !

      Dear all,

      Theo, Dutch patient, quad C4/C5, got surgery in August 2005. He , with the help of his brother Aad, created a website. That website is very instructive, even though it's obviously still in at an early stage of development. It gives very useful info about Theo's experience in Turkey and also gives indications of his physical condition day after day.
      One minor detail , it's in Dutch ! :-)))
      But , don't worry, we are going to translate the main part of it and it will be posted soonest.
      Please refrain from using an internet tool to translate, as it can miss some important nuances. I will not post any translation myself until I can check it carefully with Add and Theo themselves, to avoid any misunderstanding.

      Thank you Theo and Aad for sharing this information with us. That will be very helpful to many of us.
      If you 'just can't wait' for Corinnes translation, try the translator BabelFish on It translates Web pages...
      When the night comes down, I move around, keeping to the shadows... /the Priest


        Welcome AAD and thank you for participating.


          Originally posted by aad
          ...We are sorry that it is in Dutch only, but it had first to answer questions from our Dutch friends. We thankful accept the help of Corinne to translate parts of it into English and French.
          Theo and Aad,

          Thank you to have authorized Corinne to translate parts of your Web site... into French language also !!!



            Advice, assistance, decision

            Cementhead, Baris, and everyone:
            We had sent out sons MRIs to Kleinbloesem and he has answered that Joey is eligible for the surgery and are we ready. Joey is a T3 ASIA A (complete), injured 6 days before his 18th birthday in April 2003. He attends Project Walk and junior college in Carlsbad, CA.
            Our primary dilema is two-fold: 1st-we have the money for this operation/ procedure....but if it doesn't pan out, there is no more money, at least not in the immediate foreseeable future.....(we have 3 other children all getting ready for college!! lol - we are crazy!)
            2nd-is there any chance that having this procedure would prevent future ones?
            Baris, I understand from your posts here that you are considering having the procedure done yourself in the near future....could you please enlighten us on whre you are at with your personal decision? We have spoken with you by email for nearly two years now and we respect your opinion and admire your determination.
            Cementhead...can you give a bit more detail on what has happened with you since you had the procedure?
            We welcome any other perspectives, information or insight that any of you may have. The more information the better. Thank you all in advance for your responses and assistance.
            Toni & Steve - Joey's folks


              So far no new sensation or function.I went to Turkey 6 weeks ago.Sore muscles yes new muscle development not yet.Put the money aside wait and see.


                Originally posted by cementhead
                Put the money aside wait and see.

                this is what i would do. this is actually what i am doing.

                this is also why we owe a lot to the people who take the inneciative(sp) and go got the procedure done.


                  Agree Eric

                  I WILL SEND U $200. THANKS 4 BEING A GUINNYPIG
                  4 US. TRY 1 MORE MONTH.

                  STILL HOPEING


                    Try one more month my ass Never stop trying


                      Cementhead--Dr. K urged patience, correct? Didn't he say 4-6 months before you'd see results?

                      Please submit your photo and story of hope:




                        Susan,patience yes Dr.K said nothing.The surgeon said 4 to 6 months I should start to see results


                          Cementhead, I want to thank you again. And let me ask you, Is the muscle soreness in muscles you can move or your paralyzed muscles? Where do you feel sore?
                          A CURE NOW!



                            I WAS SAYING ANOTHER MONTH TO GIVE IT MORE TIME,
                            NOT JUST 1 MONTH--THEN GIVE UP. I SENCED THAT YOU
                            WERE A LITTLE FRUSTRATED--THAT'S WHAT I GET FOR




                              Cementhead and Eric:
                              Thanks so much for your responses. I too was wondering the questions asked about the muscle soreness. Also you said no new muscle development, are you working out? If so, doing what or where? Thanks again for your input, it means a lot to us.


                                joes mom and dad i go to next steps chicago they have a lokomat and ergys 2 fes bike along with many other pieces of equipment.I also have aa crossbow machine in my garage that i use for my arms and shoulders every other day.I have a zero radius lawnmower that i converted so i can drive and now that it is starting to rain a little i mow my 1.25 acres about 3 or 4 times a weeek.

                                I really feel thaatt nothing new has kicked in YET