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Dr. Young - why ESC?

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    Dr. Young - why ESC?

    Dr. Young,

    I'm having a discussion with someone in the Fidonet Politics echo about stem cell research. His position is that he's read that adult stem cells are easier to work with and more likely to provide cures than embryonic stem cells, so why not focus research on adult and umbilical cells, and thus avoid the controversy embryonic stem cells cause? I'd like something I can cut and paste to a message in that echo (crediting you and this site, of course.)

    So - why embryonic stem cells? Why is it thought they're more likely to lead to treatments for multiple conditions than other types of stem cells? Aren't adult stem cells providing treatments now? Etc.

    Thank you for your help,


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    It all depends on who you talk to. My understanding is that there is a lot more potential with ESC, but then again I am all for ESC research and do not believe it to be destruction of life.
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      This is a very good website for information that I like to pass on info Some of this might help you explain. Many scientists believe that adult stem cells are limited. Dr. Irving Weissman's field is adult stem cells...this is what he says:
      Dr. Weissman July 14, 2004 Statement
      Long, but worth reading. His last paragraph summarizes it pretty well.
      I saw this researcher on the news. His 2 children have diabetes and he is on a mission...
      Douglas A. Melton's finding that adult stem cells do not give rise to insulin-forming cells undercuts the rationale for a ban on research with embryonic stem cells...
      read about Douglas Melton...entire article here
      and here a very personal and informative letter from a neurologist whose daughter suffered a spinal cord injury...
      scroll down to the fifth download...I want to see my daughter walk again

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        Alan, I answered your question in this topic entitled: Why are embryonic stem cells important?.



          Thanks muchly. I'll post it in the echo forthwith.

          The gentleman I'm conversing with ran for Congress last year in Arkansas. He's been a regular in that echo for I can't remember how many years (I've been in there since at least 1986, from the time bulletin boards and echomail were just getting popular, and 20 Meg hard drives cost mucho bucks, through the time FidoNet was king, and now, when the web has taken over and relatively few boards are left, with many or most of those now telnet rathr than dialup), and he's been there probably since I started.

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          Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.