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terri schiavo story should be part of the rally

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    I heard the parents were denied access too. I have never been to texas but branding this is very common.

    Personally, like Seneca says, Michael "whats his face" will see what is coming his way one day.

    Terry is gone. Time to heal NOW! So lets all put on our nice white doctor duds and get busy again. No time for praising the dirt balls, just throw thew in the washing machine and give them their "spin"

    ` Signatures for Spinal Cord Research


      Yes, it is time to heal and give a message of hope in Washington DC on April 12. Wise.


        Thank you for all of your thought provoking comments on this most sad and unfortunate event. I could not agree more that this is a time to heal and to look forward with great hope.

        The Washington rally is an opportunity for all parties to come together and find common ground by helping the disabled by investing in science and discovery. Would we as a society not be better off if we developed a "Cure" mentality?

        We will be ascending on D.C. at a time of great turmoil and controversy. It is important that we rise above the fray and give everyone the opportunity to participate in helping us by passing the CRPA and funding a new "culture of life" message, one of hope and cure. There a great supporters of the disabled in both parties
        who will have a golden opportunity here, let us all work at making that happen.


          when 50% of the country believe killing her was the best act to do for her, and million dollar baby was championed by its message. we have a very high change-attitude mountain to climb. k2 as nothing on this mountain.