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4.5 Years Post and Still Regaining Function - Dr. Young Your Opinion.

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    4.5 Years Post and Still Regaining Function - Dr. Young Your Opinion.

    Had a very strange phenomenon exercising this morning. As I've posted before, I exercise using an Elliptical trainer. Basically, my therapist or caregiver straps me in a harness and ties my hands and feet to an elliptical trainer. This allows me to use my arms to move my legs. Normally I can only go for a couple of minutes on my own then my PT has to help by pushing the feet pedals with me. This morning I did 24 minutes by myself.

    We didn't do anything different this morning so what does this mean? Could my legs and triceps be kicking in w/o me really knowing? I was barely even winded after 24 minutes. I know my lower Abs are kicking in more because I can feel them contracting and they have been literally jumping during the day. What do you think, Dr. Young? Also, we noticed my legs weren't flopping around they were moving like normal AB movement until the last two minutes.

    Sorry for the long post but this really stunned my caregiver and me this morning.


    "Save the last dance for me!"

    Debbie, that is great. I must say that I don't understand what makes some people do better on some days than others. I hope that it continues. Wise.