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  • ? for Wise or anyone else

    I am coming to a loss with all of my doctors. I can't even remember how many different doc's I've seen at this point. But I've seen what seems like everyone, I've been to the Miami project, RIM, plus sent my MRI's to about everywhere else. No one can seem to figure out why I still have tone and lack of feeling in my feet. I had a bruise at T4 and no movement for about 9 weeks. Now, 19 months post, I am walking without a cane or any other assisted device. But I still have a good limp, and I've run a few times, not great or far. But the thing is, I have a herniated disc at T4 that is pushing against the cord. One of my docs did an EMG yesterday and said everything above and below my injury is fine, at the injury level he said there was some abnormality, but not much. Just enough to cause these bad chest pains that I get. He said he could send me to therapy for traction if I wanted, but he doesn't think I should have the disc fixed, that it wouldn't help. I am at a loss, I am not sure what to do or where to go next. Any help?

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    emg cant give a high detail picture of the damage area. so when your doctor says "not much", its an educated guess. your tone, lack of feeling, and pain says there is more damage than "not much".


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      About ten years ago, a friend of mine had a bad herniated disc. 3 experts said: judging fom the cat-scan pictures it can only be fixed by operating it. She had excruciating pain (had to take lots of painkiller tablets) and wanted to try a fix with physiotherapy. The docs smiled and belittled her approach.
      She had intensive PT (manual therapy) plus 1 hour of excercising at home. 3 months later the pain was gone - she couldn't believe it herself.

      After one year continuing her exercise at home, everything was almost back to normal (if she stopped exercising for 3 weeks, pain began to come back). So she has to keep herself in good shape. When she went back to the docs - they admitted that they could not believe that it is possible to fix such a bad disc hernation with PT. Ten years later, doctors do not recommend surgery for hern.discs, because 3 years after surgery the next hernation at the adjacent disc will occur, and so on...

      Instead they agree that one has to stabilize the backbone by strengthening muscles of the back which is the best way to prevent another herniation.


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        Hi Matthew,

        I'm going to copy this to the Care forum.

        Thank you.