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    Jacques procedure

    i'm newly injured and willing to do ANY procedure. i've heard about portugal, china, taiwan, and now mexico. they all sound good but everyone knocks em. does anyone know what phases they are all in? i know taiwan is phase 2 but i dunno the rest. also i can't find alot of information on jacques the mexico dr. does anyone know what he does differently from the other guys? thanks.

    Hi 12many, Welcome to CC, sorry you gotta be here, Take a breath, slow down and do some searching here on the posibilities you mentioned.

    What level is your injury

    complete or incomplete

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      hi leo, thanks for the welcome. T-12 complete but not severed. i've been researching for almost 3 months now, i got alot of stuff on lima and huang and i've met with cheng but i'm curious about the jacques guy. i know none of them are a sure thing but i'm trying to make an educated guess. i've figured out huang isn't too good with the complete's. lima likes his patients to be 18 months post-injury to make sure any return is because of his surgery. cheng gave me 20-30% chance which is good enough for me. i just wanted to make sure if someone else was doing something i'd at least look into just because i know you can't really combine surgeries cuz they're all trials.