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Hypothetical question about the cure.

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  • Hypothetical question about the cure.

    I thought about this while reading this topic.

    Let's just say they find a 100% cure in China this year. The FDA says it will be several years before they approve it for use in the USA, plus several more years for doctors to learn how to do it.

    I currently have private insurance, plus Medicaid (but not for long thanks to budget cuts), and I just got a letter saying I've been approved for Medicare. I'm assuming my insurance, and especially Medicaid/care wont cover me going to China for the treatment. Though logically it would seem like they'd jump on the chance because once I'm out of this chair, they wont have to spend another dime on me, but we all know they don't work that way.

    If come up with the money to pay for it myself, are they at least going to cover the rehab costs when I get back, or are they going to screw me over?

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Jim, I have just started to think about the same thing. I'm working to put myself in position to have the treatment done overseas if it truly offers a chance for significant recovery. I am assuming of course that I will have to pay for it out of pocket.

    I have private insurance plus recent Medicare approval (I was injured the day after you). My "hope" is that insurance/Medicare would jump at the chance to get me out of this chair. My insurance did not hesitate to approve physical therapy when my rehab Dr. wrote a prescription for the continuance of the therapy six months after my injury. As with any physical therapy, an improvement in function/healing is necessary to continue treatment. My wife is a physical therapist and the documentation standards are pretty clear in that regard.


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      stop worrying guys. the cure will happen here. and you wont have to wait for fda approval, im sure not.


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        Sometimes insurance covers experimental procedures and sometimes they don't. I'm sure there's a cost-benefit calculation involved that considers the costs of the procedure, the costs of care without the procedure, and the likelihood of success. I had a private insurance company pay for an experimental procedure once, and my sister in law was just approved for one also (in her case, a pancreas transplant as treatment for type 1 diabetes - a good case of reducing her lifetime expenses). So if the procedure worked really well (as speculated) I think there might be a chance it could be covered or partially covered - if it were performed in the states. Now whether US insurance covers out of country procedures, that should be easy to answer yes or no...

        Also, as far as the success of the procedure, it would probably depend a lot on published results. We really need to see more of that from both Portugal and China (and Australia?). And to be honest, the one study of Dr. Huang's out of China was not comprehensive. I can think of much more sophisticated ways to analyze those data...not to criticize Dr. Huang or his would be a *lot* to expect him to be both a pioneer in technique *and* spend a lot of time writing papers with convoluted statistical analyses!
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          Originally posted by DA:

          stop worrying guys. the cure will happen here. and you wont have to wait for fda approval, im sure not.
          I'm sure not, or I'm not sure, lol.

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