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  • 4-ap dosage

    what dosage do most incomplete quads take.


    You probably want to start at a low dose, maybe beginning at 20 mgs. a day. After a week you can try going up to 30 mgs. a day. The next week 40 mgs. a day and, I suggest, if you are not having any problems, they try 50 mgs. a day.

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      at 50 you better be careful, that is if you would rather not experience seizures or other side effects. I would make sure I was being closely monitored before going that high.



        I want to emphasize that this is not something that you should do on your own. There are two kinds of 4-AP that are available from compounding pharmacies. One is the immediate release formulation which is just the drug mixed with some filler material. The drug is absorbed right away. The second is a time-release formulation where the drug is mixed with some agents that slow down the absorption of the drug by the gut.

        The recommended dose for the immediate release formulation is 10 mg taken about 6 hours apart. If you start taking 10 mg, it may cause side effects including nervousness, insomnia (not being able to sleep), and tingling. In some people, particularly those who have a history of seizures or a condition that tends to cause seizures (such as multiple sclerosis), the drug may cause seizures. This is because the drug increases the excitability of the nervous system.

        Several studies suggest that ramping up 4-AP dose over a 2 week period will reduce the side-effects. For example, you can start out with one 5-mg capsule (instead of the 10 mg) per day, increase it to 5-mg capsules twice, three times, and four times per day. After that you can start to substitute 10-mg capsules for 5-mg capsules, one at a time. For example, suppose that you are taking 5-mg capsules every 6 hours. You can replace one of the 5-mg capsules with a 10-mg capsule on one day. If you have no side-effects, you replace two of the capsules with 5-mg capsules, and so on.