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Clinical Trials: Success, Promise, Prison

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    Clinical Trials: Success, Promise, Prison
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    Who knows what's going on with some of these trials! I truly believe that MOST researchers and doctors in this arena are honestly working for a cure, and if notoriety comes with - so be it. Their main objective is to help people whose lives have been devastated by this injury. I say MOST, because there are some who are not so altruistic. From what I know of the Mayo Clinic, it is an upstanding and ethical medical establishment. I hope they continue to be such.

    As for some, I'm reminded of what I read in Kate Willette's book, "Don't Call it a Miracle: The Movement to Cure Spinal Cord Injury". She wrote on pg 86: "it's possible to get rich doing research, even if you haven't cured anything yet."