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is this a Chinascinet video?

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    I'm more interested on how the patients regain bowel and bladder back. Who cares if I can't move my legs perfectly as I long as I can pee and poop by myself without assistance I'll be good.


      are you concerned at all that the "return" of bowel/bladder in the chinascinet trial might not be what some people think it is? No one has ever said, return of "voluntary" bowel/bladder, I have heard Wise talking about people using the crede method... Thats not the same as "voluntary" to me, at all... I just still need some things clarified... And arm and hand function is like my top priority, when do we get a definitive answer/description/video on that or a laid-out gameplan? Not saying that I wouldn't be grateful for that type of return but I would want to know what I am getting myself into and what to expect.
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