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60 Minutes: New medical trial could ?cure spinal cord injuries in Australia?

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    Originally posted by Mize View Post
    Edit: For incompletes this is definitely exciting and I shouldn't have poo poo'd that aspect of it. I would like to see every single incomplete have access to both the trancutaneous stimulator and the implanted. Anything any of us gets back is a win in my book.
    Yes. The essence of the story is about Professor Bryce Vissel of Australia hoping to have the funding to bring SCI trials and SCI treatments to his country within 5 years at their new research center to include electrical stimulation and exercise for it's citizens.

    (People do get easily sidetracked on early patient trial stories out of a couple different labs and cure timeline issues. But the vision of creating the worlds best SCI research center will require millions in funding and publicity to get it done in Australia and that's what the 60 Minute piece was about.)

    A new Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine is being established in the Faculty of Science . They announced in 2016 or so that they were getting assistance from Dr. Reggie Edgerton. Subject to securing funding, UTS will roll out their neurostimulation programs with combined exercise for patients across Australia within five years. UTS is working with SpinalCure Australia (SpinalCure) and Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) to support this focus integrated research. Their funding effort to make this happen for Australia is called"Project Edge". They hope to make it the worlds best SCI research center.
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