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  • Take Requip, Anyone?

    I'm a member of a FB forum called Spinal Cord Injury Breakthroughs and a woman asked if anyone took something that is sold as Requip. A woman replied and after my question about if it's available in US, she wrote: Deb Ritchie Jan Peregrine Yes - it has been around and approved for over a decade as a Parkinson's Drug and for RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) so even a family doctor can prescribe it ) Be sure to get ONLY the BRAND NAME REQUIP - do NOT get generic for this purpose and also do NOT get Requip XL as it will NOT work for SCI patients -- REQUIP is currently being studied for even repairing ALS patients -- IF you start it, make sure you first go off of Baclofen and Gaba - you must wean off of those slowly under doctor's supervision because you cannot quit those cold turkey -- THEN when you start REQUIP make sure your doctor prescribes the smallest possible dose PER TABLET as you CANNOT cut the tablets -- so prescription for 0.25 mg tablets (white) and slowly build up to correct doseage for you - You will know within 30 mins if it is working for you or if you need a higher dose -- normal doseage for SCI will be Less than for Parkinson's but MORE than for Restless Legs Syndrome -- BUT HOW you take it is important - for SCI you want to take it so you have a continuous dose - without taking the XL - so you will take it approx every few hours -- make sure you EAT first -- about 30 mins BEFORE you take a dose - this will minimize side effects of nausea and allows you to get proper nutrition - important as you will need it to do your Restorative Exercise program and REQUIP does get rid of appetite -- take your next dose BEFORE you previous dose wears off, to prevent REBOUND EFFECT -- but don't take the WHOLE dose - as you will also need to EAT again - so take a tablet or two - just to keep dose from going to low - EAT then 30 mins later take the rest of your dose - that is why you want the 0.25 mg tablets so you an TWEAK it this way -- IF taken properly - the REQUIP will get rid of the muscles spasms, tremors, rigidity, nerve pain and it will also help build new nerve connections while helping repair damaged ones and it will also significantly help muscle coordination - this will also help breathing as it helps the secondary muscles of respiration - Good Luck

    So I looked for online info about Requip and sci and mostly found scientific articles about dopamine's use in acute sci and helping blood pressure, but then found a 2014 article that observed that RLS is a spinal dopaminergic disorder in women and dopamine modulates locomotion in mammals, which made me speculate that my cervical injury could've compromised any of the 5 domaminergic receptors in my spinal cord. I had bad clonitis at first and at night and now it's coming back a little more. Clonitis could be like RLS. I'll have to ask my physiatrist who has sci what he thinks of Requip and if if's been further studied as this article indicates.....