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CNBC Interview 5/24/04: Discusses combo therapy & interview w/ Barth Green

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    CNBC Interview 5/24/04: Discusses combo therapy & interview w/ Barth Green

    Here is the excerpt from CNBC tv show Bullseye that came on Monday at 5:00 pm. They discuss the combination dbCamp, rolipram, schwann cell study that Dr Bunge published. They also interview Dr Barth Green.

    This is a Windows Media Player file (.wmv) and it is 27mb. The excerpt is only 5 minutes long. I don't know how much bandwidth I have available for transfer on my site so let me know if you can't download it.

    Here is the link to download (right click over the link and choose "save target as "to save to your computer):

    Thanks, It downloaded fine for me w/o having to save as.

    I liked what Dr. Green had to say for a change.

    Didnt Dr.Young state awhile back Rutgers was working on about the same combo?.

    Get your money out boyz, the race is on!



      Thanks Carl, good interview. Very encouraging.
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      respond to not only the
      challenges you're dealt but
      the challenges you seek...If
      you have no goals, no
      mountains to climb, your
      soul dies".~Liz Fordred



        Thank you, yes, this is a great interview.


          Thanks Carl! Trying not to get to excited, but every new person I visit with seems to be up on things happening in many places. I'd say the heat got cranked up and getting hotter.

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            Can anyone re-post the interview. It'd be much appreciated. Thanks


              Thanks Carl R.

              BTW, the interview cuts off at 5:06 minutes, but it goes on longer. Does anybody, or you Carl, have the full interview?



                Ip, that was the end of the interview with Dr. Barth Green and the segment on spinal cord injury. The rest of the show was Financial News. I have the entire program but it is 226mb. I just edited the segments so it would not be so large to download and the length was only 5:06. Was there another interview that you are aware of?

                landrover, I checked the link above and it should still be working. It is a large file and may take time to load.

                I hear ya Leo, it is hard to not get excited. When Miami Project starts sounding this optimistic, it tells me that all Dr. Young's hard work trying to change attitudes is working and we are getting close. Sounds as if they may finally understand our " sense of urgency ".


                  I don't know how long this file will take to download with a dial-up connection but it is DEFINITELY worth it. It really is quite compelling to hear his very positive outlook.

                  Thanks Carl!


                    Thank you Carl. It just sounded like Dr. Green was about to say something earthshattering and got cut off [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] I guess I should get used to interviewers with Attention Deficit Disorder...

                    BTW, my family watched it too. Much more powerful to see on TV vs. read about it.


                      I almost got all choked up watching this. Thanks Carl, appreciate your efforts.

                      So exciting to listen to them speak, makes you let your guard down.
                      Phil C6
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