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Thoughts on Epidural Stimulation?

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    Thoughts on Epidural Stimulation?

    Just wanted to know your thoughts about Epidural Stimulation. Read an article about research conducted by University of Louisville were two complete spinal cord Injury patients began walking with a walker after intense physical therapy. Are the stimulators effective ? I heard that a clinic in Bangkok also offers that.

    Literally a pony trick to raise funds for ongoing research. Just my opinion though. There have been issues at that lab previously.

    Edited to add: Don't even think about Bangkok. Tens of thousands and then you go back for tens of thousands in rehab. Unless you have money to burn.
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      I think it is good news and it was covered here also. There were a lot of criticism on this site and I think rightfully so. They are using an old technology from Medtronics and they will put it into 4 patients a year for 9 years. Please think about the difference between iphone first one and iphone x. Why can't the technology be improved so that more advance simulators implanted. This part I do not understand and it is frustrating.

      Somebody more kowledgeable about this situation might say that new simulator has to start from zero first with rats and then primates and then human and this might take 10-15 years. This might be a valid point but implanting an old technology for the next nine years may also not contribute a lot.


        Excited for Dr. Edgerton's device. Should be in Chicago early next year for Upper Extremities. Hopefully will get to try it soon for LE. Even if it helps a little it still opens up new possibilities.

        Hakerma's unit needs to be sewn into you which poses another problem and use of old device is surprising, I thought they would have something better by now.