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***Unite(D) to Fight Paralyses.***

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    Sorry, I'm focused in this, at work and have no time to waste to respond to BS off topic posts that just end up derailing the thread... please open a new one with your own topics.

    I'm glad most of you caught on, I re-read my first post and realized perhaps I wasn't clear as I was speaking my mind and at work the same time.

    Vindex great post, this is exactly the mindset I?m focused on; minds like this multiplied sticking together can move mountains. SCIs need to reunite and stick together with that attitude across the globe. Hope people someday will realize that money and waiting for things to happen on its own will go nowhere or take forever. Some things in life to do the job right, we got to do it ourselves. We absolutely need union and exposure. Form a group that consists only sci's fighting against any unnecessary delays or regulations that would prevent valid research go all the way to its promises.

    Lyniffer, thanks for posting that historical pic, I got choked up with a tear on my eye seeing them happy united and fighting, to me they're the real heroes, wish that can happen again spreading like tough wildfire that won't die no matter how much it's hosed down!!

    t8, Free Smiles of us in a large group in live TV are FREE!
    look at that '06 photo!!!
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    "Talk without the support of action means nothing..."
    ― DaShanne Stokes

    ***Unite(D) to Fight Paralyses***