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Zolpidem / Ambien sub sedative doses for sensory and motor improvements in mice

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  • Zolpidem / Ambien sub sedative doses for sensory and motor improvements in mice

    Did anyone try anything like this? I started looking into it and looks like it might have some benefit beyond good sleep and nerve pain relief. Didn't find much on this forum about it.

    While zolpidem dramatically improved mice?s rate of recovery from stroke, its ability to increase the extent of their recovery couldn?t be determined because, unlike humans, mice naturally regain most of their pre-stroke function eventually. So the Stanford researchers intend to test the drug in other animal models, as well as to experiment with different dose sizes and timing, before proceeding to clinical trials.

    ?Before this study, the thinking in the field was that GABA signaling after a stroke was detrimental,? said Steinberg. ?But now we know that if it?s the right kind of GABA signaling, it?s beneficial. And we?ve identified an FDA-approved drug that decisively promotes the beneficial signaling.?

    Ambien has been prescribed to millions of insomniacs, yet most people are unaware it also possesses the ability to normalize functioning in certain types of damaged neurons.

    P.S. Also looking to get 4AP3MeOH if anyone can help! Mod4all doesn't reply to my emails and no local compounding pharmacy will do it.

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    Interesting I started using ambien this spring and my massage therapist has felt my muscles tightness in my hips and a touch more movement in my legs,