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    New articles posted to Research Forums.

    I have been posting quite a few articles to the Research Forums and noticed that nobody has viewed these articles at all (only 2-9 views each). A number of them are quite exciting.

    In the SCI (Animal) Forum, here are some highlights:

    • Bone marrow transplants. An article from Japan by Koshizuka, et al. reporting that bone marrow stem cells produce neural cells and improve functional recovery in mice. This supports bone marrow stem cell transplants, a clinical trial that is already happening at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

    • Lopez, et al. (2004) report that a local anesthetic drug reduces tissue damage in the spinal cord of rats, subjected to photochemical lesions. Presumably the local anesthetic agent stops activity of neurons and that this is neuroprotective.

    • Ramer, et al. (2004)[/url] report that olfactory ensheathing glia transplants promote migration of Schwann cells into injured spinal cords, facilitates axonal growth, and improves recovery in rats.

    • Hutchinson, et al., (2004) describe three exercises that improve recovery after spinal cord injury, as well as improve neurotrophin levels in rats after spnal cord injury. This is one of the first studies to show the beneficial effects of exercise in spinal cord injury and what it does to neurotrophin levels...

    • Benett, et al. (2004) and Li, et al. (2004). These two companion papers describe spasticity developing in rats after spinal cord injury and provide data suggesting that they represent long term changes in the circuitry.

    • There are many more papers... including a study showing the umbilical cord blood improves recovery after spinal cord injury...

    Sorry... I had to run for a meeting... here are some additinal abstracts posted in the SCI (Animal) Forum alone. There are a bunch in the SCI (Clinical) Forum as well.

    • Borgens group at Purdue have posted two interesting articles concerning the poloxamer 188 which appear to be neuroprotective in spinal cord injury and improves recovery, reduces oxidative stress in the spinal cord.

    • An interesting study showing the blocking pro-inflammatory receptor for IL-6 reduces gliosis in the spinal cord and improves recovery after spinal cord contusions.

    • There is a report showing that activated macrophages stimulate axonal growth in culture, supporting the possible beneficial effects of these cells when transplanted to the spinal cord.

    • Gorio in Italy reports delayed transplant of skin stem cells (7 days) show neural markers in the spinal cord.

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    Thanks DR. Young, SCI (Animal Forum) is good stuff, the rats are not looking to us for the sign, we need to look to them, check it out, they are 1 to 3 years ahead of us all of the time.