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We don't need exoskeletons, we need exo-muscles

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    Originally posted by Matt Bellman View Post

    Granted, they used pulse widths up to 150 milliseconds with intensities up to 250 milliamps. Though this begs the question, does stimulation with only 1 millisecond (or 3 millisecond, in RTI's case) with normal intensities (up to 140 milliamps) provide the same benefit as what was reported by the RISE project?
    Good god! How did they not burn right through the skin with an intensity like that? With denervated muscle I suppose you need that kind of strength to activate the neuromuscular junction directly? Either way that's insane.

    From what I've been told about restorative therapies and other devices, the amplitude does not need to be nearly that high, and it shouldn't be, if you have a fully intact reflex loop. This is a much different case than fully denervated muscle.

    H-reflex testing is technically uses wide-pulse stimulation, and that's done routinely in research on able-bodied people and people with movement disorders all the time.