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      Originally posted by Jim View Post
      Barrington, I have heard some things but have no way of validating.

      One image showed growth up to the brainstem, others, down to the CPG, The images are in the paper-

      Animal studies have shown rivers of axons growing through the glial 'scar', we now have the same evidence in humans. The next step would be to add growth factors to the cell injections.
      I can't believe this ... going to investigate later tomorrow night on this. If true, excellent news. Still torn on scar between Silver and Young who disagree on it.
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        Originally posted by Pauly1 View Post
        @lunasicc42, would you mind retitleing this thread? Something along the lines of "video: wise Young shows CNS regeneration using umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells".

        It may then get some more interest since it's once of the first verified CNS nerve regeneration info we've seen. Wise' presentation is easy to follow.

        I'm baffled why scientists have been playing with stem cells (2 decades) & cord blood (3-4 decades) and not found this info earlier.