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  • Where do we stand? No pun intended

    I might come look at this webpage once every six months, and it still is the same thing. I figured I would hear on the news if there was a repair for spinal cord injuries. I guess were in the same situation that we were 20 years ago when I first got injured C3? I was in one of the well-known rehabs in West Orange New Jersey inpatient and they could not believe that shape I am in after 20 years. Now can someone tell me in simple words where we are on a repair for this injury? Anybody have any predictions on time? I still live my life at 50 years old but I'm getting ready to say screw it. I live long enough like this. Just want to hear what's new. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Keith, when Wise met with the FDA for a pre-IND meeting in '16, they requested an additional animal safety study to be done at our lab, and repeated at another facility (80 rats each). Wise is writing up the results of these experiments which will be submitted with the IND application for final approval to begin the trial. No safety issues were found. Once submitted, the FDA then has 90 days to answer.

    The IIb trial in the US will consist of 24 subjects. Eight- cells + walking, eight- cells + 6 weeks of oral lithium + walking, eight- walking only. This will also be done in India and Taiwan. Not sure of the number of subjects in those but I don't think they will do walking only group, and possibly incompletes. The FDA required us to have a walking only group. After the patients in the US are operated on it will be available in the US for expanded compassionate use.


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      Theory: Scar inhibits the grow and reconnection of nerves. Working on modalities to rid scar.

      Xcite machine for spinal cord injury e-stim .. which will allow some to stand. Great tool .. could have potential for long term use. On the market earlier this year in North America.

      Mum's the word on my fave Jerry Silver:

      The ever elusive chondroitinase ...

      These I continue to watch. No further ahead ... but tantalizingly close for the younger crowd.

      Oh - and the Italian doc ... (I don't really count this .. but interesting none the less).
      Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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