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    Check your email. I just sent you one.


      Dr. McDonald's vision for a early human (ESC) trial must be only a dream to many of us in the SCI community. Here is a man trying with all he has, putting it on the line, working to bring a cure to all of us and few will contribute. I for one want to see just how good these (ESC) truly are, will they provide the link we need? or are they only a dream! Let's find out now! by supporting a doctor that is living our dream.
      Let's all start to dream again.


        In 1804 two brave men by the names of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark stood on the banks of the Missouri River in St. Louis. It was the gateway to the frontier. Their job was to explore that frontier. Now 200 years later, another man stands on that very same soil. His name is Dr. John McDonald. He is preparing to explore a very different, but just as challenging frontier. The big difference between the two expeditions is that Lewis and Clark had the support of their government. Dr. McDonald does not have that luxury. He is looking to us for support, the very people he is trying to help. Just so there is no confusion, my name is Patrick, and Hope2findacure is my wife. I have spoken to Dr. McDonald twice. After talking with him, I firmly believe in the merit of his project. It is obvious that if his therapy is successful he has much to gain. On the other hand if it is not successful, he has much more to lose. He is a very respected researcher at a very fine University Medical Center. He could play it safe. He could go to work every morning at a reasonable hour, play with rats all day, and write reports about how promising the research is and that one of these days it could lead to a cure. He has chosen not to do that. He has committed himself to finding a cure for SCI. If we will buy him a line, he is going to place his *!! on it. I say let's quit our accepting and let's quit our complaining. Let's buy him a line.



          And I intend to do just that. I respect Huang and Lima, but I am amazed at the attention their procedures still recieve, even though by their own admission, delivers modest results.

          On a different note, people are seeing Ramirez in Mexico for umbilical cord stem cells for WAY to much money.

          McDonald is, as you pointed out, putting everything on the line, and he doesn't have to. People lament that stem cells aren't available for SCI, well soon they will be, thanks to McDonald. I intend to get behind his effort, and don't understand why more people aren't.

          A few months ago CC board members were trying to organize human trials and figure out where to send their money; where are they now? This is one of the best starting points we could have. This is regenerative medicine, and McDonald isn't talking about years from now, but "within" a year.

          And last but not least, I know Patrick and Dena. They are realistic and continually research and intelligently sift through the SCI therapies available. They are instilled with optimism, which wouldn't happen without a good foundation.


            I am so excited about Dr.McDonald's trial.

            I am scheduled for my evaluation at Washington University May 4th.

            We should support him in any way we can!!!!! [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


              Originally posted by bullrider:

              I am so excited about Dr.McDonald's trial.

              I am scheduled for my evaluation at Washington University May 4th.

              We should support him in any way we can!!!!! [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]
              Congrats Bullrider!
              I will be supporting Dr. McDonalds efforts also!!!

              As Schmeky says:
              This is regenerative medicine, and McDonald isn't talking about years from now, but "within" a year.
              "Together we stand, divided we fall..."


                Dr. Mcdonald is a wonderful man. He will be getting all our support.

                I have been in contact with him for my husband Greg, we will be scheduling an evaluation as soon as the National Swim Meet is over in April. Cross fingers - Greg has a shot to qualify for the paralympics! Either way, Dr. Mcdonald will be scheduled in very soon!


                  Thanks for the abstracts, Dr. Young, but... is this all? They all look like acute therapies to me, except for the one about Chris Reeve and the one on stem cell remyelination (which, according to Scott Whittemore from Louisville, brought rats from a BBB 12 to 15, or about 10% better in function).

                  So what, specifically, is this thread about?



                    I have not myself seen nor know much about the clinical trial that several people are saying will be done in Columbia. Dr. McDonald has not said anything about it to me.

                    By the way, a change of BBB scores for 12 to 15 is more than 10% better function. It is more like 25% but that is neither here nor there. Dr. McDonald's group was the first and only one that has shown a therapeutic benefit of embryonic stem cell transplants in a well-defined spinal cord contusion model. Whether this is sufficient to justify a clinical trial, whether the stem cells should be combined with some other therapy, or modified in some way... these are the next steps in the research.



                      I am posting this to avoid any misunderstandings...

                      There were no strings attached to our donation to Dr. McDonald's NTT Project. We didn't attempt to "buy" a procedure...there was no promise, no guarantee, no strings.
                      We donated because we believe in the merit of Dr. McDonald's research and this project. We also believe that if we sit here and wait on our government for help we'll die before we get help. We'd like to get some help within our lifetime.

                      I think the people on this forum understand that concept.
                      You know how long it takes to get FDA approval for anything...yet there are in many cases, things that they don't fully understand the mechanisms...they don't fully understand why something works, they just know it works. If you wait to understand fully how something is working, you may never understand. Isn't that what Dr. Huang and Dr. Lima have been doing all this time?

                      My husband & I have told many people...there are no guarantees in this life. That's because we now fully understand all too well that everything can change in a split second...that was proven to us when those deer jumped out in front of him on that highway.

                      But we feel the need to do what we can, what we feel is our part in this fight to find help for ourselves, as well as all others who suffer the nightmare of SCI.

                      If we all sit here and wait and don't become involved in some way, whether it's letters to our legislators, or donations to promising SCI research, then help may never come. I believe we have to be willing to educate ourselves and speak up, and do what we are able to.
                      I believe if we are able to support promising research in some way, then we should. I know that there are many who are not able, and I completely understand that. Sometimes you just don't have the energy because day to day living is a constant fight that takes all of your energy and everything you have.

                      It's obvious our government cares more about spending money in Iraq, or on colonizing the moon, or for a trip to Mars than they do on trying to help their own citizens who are suffering in ways no one we have to try to help ourselves.

                      I am going to suggest that if you are wondering about what's going on, call Linda Schultz at Washington University as posted before. I know she would be glad to answer questions regarding the NTT Project.


                        Hope - Amen!


                          It's just like hope2findacure has been posting, please call Linda Schultz at 314-454-7774 find out all you can about Dr. McDonald's NTT program. If after your call, you like what the doctor is doing, please donate. The sooner we can see (good recovery!!), the sooner all of us can be free. McDonald is the first NTT/ESC bus that is comming down our street,we can let it pass or we can jump on for the ride. Get the story direct, please call Linda today.


                            Please be aware that the number 314-454-7774 is incorrect. You can try calling Lisa or Linda at 314-454-7892. This could help avoid any confusion.

                            "Carpe carp."--- Seize the fish!
                            "Carpe carp."--- Seize the fish!



                              This is the real deal. He is our only hope for our generation. CR is going on 9yrs. and I am going on 3. I think it is time we do something instead of nothing!!!!!!!!!


                                He is our only hope for our generation
                                D_mn I hate to agree with this statement. . . . . . . but I do. Career researchers are all around us, McDonald is not one of these. . . . [img]/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif[/img]